2019 Indiana Crop Values Summary

first_img 2019 Indiana Crop Values Summary SHARE Facebook Twitter The preliminary farm value of Indiana field crops produced in 2019 was $6.14 billion, down 12 percent from 2018. According to Greg Matli, State Statistician of the USDA NASS, Indiana Field Office, the total value of Indiana state production declined due to lower total production of corn, soybeans, and wheat. Some Indiana highlights from the Crop Values Annual Report follow:Corn for grain value was down 9 percent to $3.34 billion in 2019. The average price was $4.10 perSoybean value decreased 17 percent to $2.49 billion in 2019. The average price was $9.10 perWheat value was down 12 percent to $79.8 million. The average price was $4.95 perNationally:S. corn for grain value increased 2 percent to $52.9 billion in 2019.Soybean value in the U.S. was down 15 percent to $31.2All U.S. wheat value was down 8 percent to $8.88 billion. Previous articleUSDA and USTR Announce Progress on Implementation of US-China Phase One AgreementNext articleFFA Students Gathered to Serve the General Assembly USDA Communications SHARE Facebook Twitter Home Indiana Agriculture News 2019 Indiana Crop Values Summary By USDA Communications – Feb 25, 2020 last_img read more

Catalan referendum: attacks on journalists, biased coverage

first_img RSF and 60 other organisations call for an EU anti-SLAPP directive AFP June 2, 2021 Find out more News SpainEurope – Central Asia Protecting journalists Violence RSF_en According to figures provided by the Catalan government, around 850 people were injured as a result of the disproportionate use of force by police who had been deployed by the Spanish government. Those injured included press photographers and reporters who were covering the voting. The most serious incidents occurred in and around the Ramón Lull School in downtown Barcelona, which served as a polling station. Several photographers were hit or injured in crushes, as the photo-journalist Juan Carlos Mohr reported on Twitter. Xabi Barrena, a reporter for the Catalan daily El Periódico de Catalunya, was among the journalists attacked by Spanish riot police. He was struck by a police baton while using his mobile phone to film police charges inside the school. When he was on the ground, the police also kicked him. Sofia Cabanes, a reporter for the digital daily NacióDigital in Terres de l’Ebre who also freelances for the Spanish news agency EFE, was filming a police charge in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, near Tarragona when a member of the Spanish Civil Guard (a gendarmerie-style force) struck her arm with his baton, knocking her mobile phone to the ground. When she tried to pick it up, one of the policemen deliberately stamped on her hand. “We are appalled by the images of police violence coming from Catalonia,” said Macu de la Cruz, RSF Spain’s acting president. “The approximately 850 civilians reported injured included many reporters and photographers whose mission was to witness events and use their right to provide information.” RSF also registered incidents and acts of violence on the eve of the referendum. A woman reporter for the La Sexta TV channel was harassed and threatened by a group of far-right demonstrators during a live report. While a crew with the Catalan public TV channel TV3 was covering a citizen vigil outside a nearby voting station, all four tyres of their car were slashed and its windows were broken. Pro-independence crowds meanwhile constantly harassed Spanish TV reporters during their live reports, making it extremely difficult for them to work. Rage within Spanish public broadcaster RTVE Yesterday, the journalists’ association at RTVE, the Spanish public broadcaster that includes public television (TVE) and public radio (RNE), issued a statement accusing RTVE of bias and manipulation in its coverage of the referendum and the police violence. At the same time, the TVE News Council (an independent body of journalists that monitors TVE’s impartiality), issued a communiqué calling for the immediate resignation of the entire TVE news management for “failing in the public service duty entrusted to it by the law as regards the provision of objective, accurate and pluralist reporting in its coverage of the events of 1 October in Catalonia.” The communiqué added: “Not only did TVE make no special provision for an event of major importance, which would nonetheless have been easy to arrange, but also every effort was made to broadcast a partial vision of what happened.” At TVE headquarters at the Torrespaña building in Madrid, journalists demonstrated their anger about TVE’s one-sided coverage of the referendum by brandishing placards with the words #vergüenza in Spanish and #vergonya in Catalan (which both mean “shame”). “We express our solidarity with the journalists’ association at the public broadcaster RTVE, which has condemned RTVE’s one-sided coverage,” said Pauline Adès-Mével, the head of RSF European Union desk. “We regret that RTVE has neglected its public service duties and is now offering one of the worst visions of journalism – biased news reporting. It is nonetheless encouraging to see the courage, dignity and ethics of the journalists who, in their actions, are making demands and trying to defend the public broadcaster’s prestige.” Journalists at RNE, the public radio broadcaster, say it is unacceptable that RNE also failed to plan any special programming for 1 October. “Members of the public who listened to Radio 1 or Radio 5 in the hope of learning about the latest referendum developments just heard songs or reports that had nothing to do with the news,” the RNE News Council says on its website. The situation continues to be tense in Catalonia today, two days after the referendum, in which, according to the Catalan government, 90% of the votes were in favour of independence. Catalan unions called a general strike today in protest against the police violence during the referendum. RSF’s Spanish section has created an online “letter-box” to receive reports of violence and abuses against journalists. Spain is ranked 29th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2017 World Press Freedom Index. Use the Digital Services Act to make democracy prevail over platform interests, RSF tells EU Organisation Two Spanish journalists killed in eastern Burkina Faso News October 4, 2017 Catalan referendum: attacks on journalists, biased coveragecenter_img SpainEurope – Central Asia Protecting journalists Violence Help by sharing this information to go further Receive email alerts News April 27, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is appalled that media personnel were among thevictims of police charges against civilians during the illegal independencereferendum organized by the regional government in Catalonia, in northeasternSpain, on 1 October. News Follow the news on Spain December 2, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

Say yes to Europe

first_imgEurope Playhouse Tuesday 21 – Saturday 25 October Ilan Goodman’s production of David Greig’s Europe asks the question “What is politics?”. At the same time it posits a bicentric world-view in which we see traditional nation-politics offset by Thirlwellian bedroom power-play. The continent that this play deals with is not just the cosmopolitan world of Berlin, Athens, and Salzburg, but a war-ravaged, refugee-ridden place of treachery and insecurity. Set in a unspecified European village, two contrasting arrivals cause characters to reconsider the nature of their locality. Morocco, a well-travelled entrepreneur, pines for the comfort of home, while economic migrants Sava and Katia are forced to sleep on the train platform. Greig’s fans will tell you of his speciality in presenting subjects such as immigration, nationalism, patriotism and identity, through tight personal relationships. It is certainly an absolute triumph of Goodman’s direction that in such a large play – big themes, big stage, big set – Europe is sincere and personally involving. The interplay of the tired and pained Katia (Kate Fowler), looking after her doting father, Sava (Colin Burnie), is particularly affecting; the consequences of their flight grow in front of your eyes. Some of the most entertaining scenes are between three youths, Berlin (Gethin Anthony), Billy (Tai Shan Ling) and Horse (Andy King). They fizzle with a melancholic humour as the hopeless discuss their hopes. The scenes between the lovers Berlin and Adele (Polly Findlay) are also brilliantly staged and harrowing. This is also a play about escaping, about journeying, but for a journey to make sense it has to be going somewhere. Throughout, there is a feeling that ideas are floating about in the same way that the characters do. In order to flourish they need to be pinned down. Greig seems willing to raise the issues of media presentation, immigration, and the rise of the right-wing. He seems more evasive in answering them. There are moments when the play feels distinctly didactic, “remember that we are, in our own way, Europe” and yet when we look for the lesson there is nothing to be learnt. But hardly in a version as brilliantly staged and compelling as this can there be no point. We are reminded that humanity is to be found only in the relationships in our world.ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003last_img read more

Construction materials prices inch up in June

first_imgPrices for construction materials inched up 1.0 percent in June 2009, according to the July 14 producer price index (PPI) report by the U.S. Labor Department. Still, prices are down 6.1 percent from June 2008.Material prices feeding the increase include prepared asphalt and tar roofing, up 5.6 percent from May, and 38.9 percent higher from June 2008. Softwood lumber prices jumped up 1.7 percent in June, but are still down 18.1 percent from last year. Nonferrous wire and cable prices were up slightly at 0.8 percent from May, but are down 14.3 percent from a year ago.Meanwhile, fabricated structural metal product prices continue to dip, down 0.7 percent for the month, and down 4.2 percent on a year-over-year basis. Prices for fabricated ferrous wire products were unchanged on a monthly basis and are down 3.0 percent from June 2008. Plumbing fixtures and fittings prices were unchanged for the second consecutive month and have inched up 0.5 percent in the past 12 months.Crude energy material prices climbed 10.9 percent in June, and prices for natural gas rose 3.5 percent and crude petroleum jumped up 20.3 percent. Overall, finished goods prices edged up 1.8 percent on the month but are still down 4.6 percent on a year-over-year basis.What This Means The magic of economics rests with its self-equilibrating mechanisms. These mechanisms are designed to prevent economies from severe overheating or intolerable contraction, said Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Chief Economist Anirban Basu. Producer prices represent a perfect example. When the economy is expanding, producer prices rise, making it more expensive for suppliers to expand, which limits the pace of expansion, said Basu. However, with the economy shrinking as it is now, producer prices tend to decline, which induces cost-efficient supply and limits the extent of the downturn. Recent reports indicate that a combination of factors continues to place upward pressure on construction input prices despite the ongoing global economic downturn, said Basu. One of those factors is China, which has introduced its own stimulus package of several hundreds of billions dollars with an intense focus on infrastructure. Moreover, the U.S. stimulus package is also likely having an impact on materials prices due to the anticipation of significant future construction. However, input prices are not declining as one would otherwise predict, said Basu.Source: ABClast_img read more

Ramelize wins praise for effort to help children

first_img Ramelize wins praise for effort to help children Associate Editor“I’m excited. I’m scared. And I’m a little bit sad,” said Azim Ramelize, his voice crackling over the cell phone from his car somewhere in South Carolina, on the way to Baltimore to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private philanthropy that focuses on helping children and families.Ramelize, a former assistant general counsel for the Department of Juvenile Justice and passionate voice on the Bar’s Commission on the Legal Needs of Children, was chosen as a “human service innovator” for a year-long Children and Family Fellowship. He’s excited, because it’s quite an honor, chosen as one of 10 out of 99 applicants.In his nomination letter, Frank Orlando, retired judge and director of the Center for Study of Youth Policy at Nova Southeastern University, wrote: “What I have learned about Azim is that he is a child advocate who is not satisfied with the legal system as it exists, and he is not timid about making a case for change. I believe that too many legal advocates and organizations have become complacent with where we are and stay within the present system. Real change is not on their agenda. The work of the Bar Commission has validated my beliefs that the words of the U.S. Supreme Court in In Re Galt, 387 US 1 (1967), that the Bill of Rights in our Constitution is for children, too, has not yet been achieved. We desperately need lawyers and passionate advocates like Azim on the national scene to achieve for children what they are now so often deprived of — the protections and rights of the Constitution.”Ramelize is a little scared, he admits, because it’s a big change in uncharted territory. But he’s got guts to do whatever he sets his mind to, even though he’s been paralyzed since a bullet tore through his back when he was 17 and a member of a gang on the streets of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.And the sadness? Well, it comes from knowing he will miss his own son, even though he’ll visit often. And especially sad is leaving the children behind that he so passionately advocated for at DJJ in Davie.“Fifteen kids threw a surprise party for me when I left. I was in tears. A few came back from college to say goodbye. I was shocked,” Ramelize said. “If a judge called and said he or she wanted help with a kid, I could help that kid. I could pull a lot of strings. I am going to miss that. I felt like I was giving up on the kids I love.”He talked his mixed feelings over with trusted judges, his college mentor, and good friends.As Yves Guerre, of Ft. Lauderdale, a friend going back to college at Cornell University, told him, it was an opportunity of a lifetime, “not a matter of choice, no ifs, ands, or buts.”“I believe with the training he is going to get, he will be able to come out and help 10 times the amount of kids,” Guerre said.That advice struck a chord. In the end, Ramelize realized: “This is my passion. This is my calling. I need to pursue it.”And so, he will join a top manager of New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services, the associate director of a private agency that works with children and families along the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, and the vice president of a San Francisco-based Family Violence Prevention Fund, and a half a dozen others who want to make a difference.“These individuals have been selected for this fellowship because we believe they have the vision and talent to bring about major reforms that will shape the future for large numbers of children and families in the United States,” said Douglas W. Nelson, president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.The foundation describes the fellowship as “a full-time, 11-month, intensive program that provides an opportunity for accomplished professionals in the social, human, and community development fields to expand their professional and personal horizons through workshops, seminars, study tours, and field placements. It brings together leaders from varied professional backgrounds, geographic regions, and racial and ethnic groups, and is structured to serve the complex learning needs of each participant.”As Judge Orlando said: “I was honored that my nomination resulted in Azim getting this prestigious award. Not only is it a personal award, but it is a recognition of the state of Florida and the work Azim has been doing for children.” Ramelize wins praise for effort to help children February 1, 2003 Jan Pudlow Associate Editor Regular Newslast_img read more

Spanish police arrest 6 athletes

first_imgMadrid, June 21: Six athletes have been arrested in Spain on suspicion of doping, Spanish police said on Thursday. Among those arrested was Ethiopian runner Gizaw Bekele, who won the recent Madrid half-marathon race, police sources told EFE. “Six athletes arrested in anti-doping operation. Growth hormones, insulin, testosterone and transfusion materials have been seized,” Spain’s National Police said on its site. The others arrested were athletics coach Rachid Najid and his wife Malika Asahssah, who was already sanctioned for four years for doping, Said Aitadi, Fatima Ayachi and Abebe Mulugeta, according to police. IANSlast_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_img— Timo Meier had two goals and an assist in the Sharks’ second straight win, 6-3 at Edmonton. Sam Gagner (GAHN’-yay) and Connor McDavid scored 76 seconds apart to put the Oilers ahead, 2-0 before San Jose handed the home team its second consecutive loss.— Mikael Granlund had a goal and an assist to lead as the Predators nipped the Flames, 3-2. Dante Fabbro (FA’-broh) and Kyle Turris (TOOR’-ihs) also scored for Nashville, which has won four of five to pull within one point of Calgary for the second wild-card spot in the Western Conference.— Mackenzie Blackwood stopped 46 shots in his second shutout of the season as the Devils hammered the Flyers, 5-0. Miles Wood scored twice for New Jersey, which chased Brian Elliott during a three-goal third period.— The Golden Knights rolled to a 7-2 win over the Panthers as Mark Stone collected two goals and three assists. Max Pacioretty scored two goals and had an assist to help Marc-Andre Fleury nail down his 460th career victory.— The Canadiens pulled out a 3-2 win over the Ducks on Jeff Petry’s (PEE’-treez) goal 25 seconds into overtime. Nick Suzuki and Brendan Gallagher also scored and Carey Price made 35 saves in Montreal’s sixth victory in eight games. Russell to Wolves, Drummond to CavaliersUNDATED (AP) — The Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers have little hope of making the NBA playoffs this spring. That didn’t stop either team from landing a major talent before Thursday’s trade deadline.The Timberwolves have acquired D’Angelo Russell in a deal that sends Andrew Wiggins to the Warriors. The Wolves also received guard Jacob Evans and forward Omari Spellman for a pair of draft picks, including a first-rounder either in 2021 or 2022.Russell was averaging a career-high 23.6 points for the injury-wrecked Warriors, while Wiggins was scoring 22.4 points a game.The Cavaliers have acquired two-time All-Star center Andre Drummond from the Pistons for forward John Henson, guard Brandon Knight and one of their two second-round picks in 2023 to the Pistons. Associated Press Taylor leads Pebble Beach Pro-AmPEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Nick Taylor opened with an eagle and closed with two birdies in an 8-under 63 at Monterey Peninsula, giving him the first-round lead at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.Taylor is two shots ahead of Patrick Cantlay and Chase Seiffert, each of whom fired 66s on par-72 courses. Cantlay played Spyglass Hill and Seiffert was at Pebble Beach.Most of the interest over three courses in the rotation was at Spyglass Hill, which featured Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson, along with five NFL quarterbacks that included Peyton Manning and his recently retired brother, Eli.TYSON-DOUGLAS-30TH ANNIVERSARY Steven Stamkos and Nikita Kucherov (KOO’-cheh-rahv) each netted their 25th goals of the season to help Tampa Bay pick up its eighth straight home win.Anthony Cirelli (sih-REH’-lee) provided the eventual game-winner as the Bolts handed Pittsburgh just its third loss in 11 games.The Lightning are within five points of the division-leading Bruins. The Pens remain six points behind the Metropolitan-leading Capitals.Elsewhere on NHL ice:— The Blues had collected points in 11 straight home games before Andrew Copp broke a third period tie and Connor Hellebuyck (HEH’-leh-buhk) made 35 saves in the Jets’ 4-2 victory in St. Louis. Patrik Laine (LY’-nay), Jansen Harkins and Nikolaj Ehlers (NIH’-koh-ly EE’-lurz) also scored as Winnipeg won for just the second time in eight games. The Bulldogs are 24-1 after Filip Petrusev (peh-TROO’-shehv) contributed 21 points and six rebounds to their 85-67 victory against Loyola Marymount. Drew Timme (TIH’-mee) and Admon Gilder each added 17 points for the Zags, who led by eight before opening the second half on a big run.Gonzaga has won 18 straight and leads the nation in scoring at over 88 points a game.In other top-25 men’s basketball finals:— Nico Mannion furnished 20 points, while Zeke Nnaji and Josh Green each added 18 as No. 23 Arizona won for the fifth time in six games, 85-80 over Southern California.— Tyler Bey scored a season-high 21 points and McKinley Wright IV had 17 to send 24th-ranked Colorado to its fourth loss in five games, 71-65 against California. MLB-NEWSMax Muncy, Dodgers work out 3-year pactUNDATED (AP) — Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Max Muncy has avoided salary arbitration by accepting a three-year, $26 million contract.The package includes a $13 million team option for 2023, with a $1.5 million buyout. Muncy made $575,000 while batting .251 with 35 home runs and 98 RBIs in 141 games for Los Angeles last season, missing a large chunk of the final month with a broken wrist.In other baseball news: February 7, 2020 — Kevin Fiala (fee-AH’-lah) and Brad Hunt each had a goal and an assist while the Wild scored three times in the first period of a 4-2 verdict over the Canucks. Ryan Hartman and Zach Parise also scored as Minnesota forced Vancouver to settle for a 2-2-1 record on its five-game road trip.J.T. Miller and Antoine Roussel scored and Jacob Markstrom made 33 saves for Vancouver, which has played 10 of its last 13 games on the road and finished a five-game trip 2-2-1.— Kieffer Bellows scored his first two NHL goals in his second career game, including the tiebreaker in the third period of the Islanders’ 5-3 victory over the Kings. New York’s third line of Bellows, Derrick Brassard and Michael Dal Colle (kohl) combined for three goals and two assists as the Isles improved to 3-0-2 in their last five games.— Andrei Svechnikov (SVEHCH’-nih-kahv) and Sebastian Aho (AH’-hoh) each scored twice and had one assist in leading the Hurricanes to a 5-3 win over the Coyotes. Jaccob Slavin (SLAY’-vihn) also scored and Trevor van Riemsdyk (REEMZ’-dyk) had two assists for Carolina, which rallied from a 2-0 deficit for its fourth win in six games.— Cale Makar (mah-KAHR’) provided a goal and an assist as the Avalanche won for the fifth time in six games, 4-1 at Ottawa. Valeri Nichushkin (nih-CHOOSH’-kihn), Matt Nieto (nee-EH’-toh) and J.T. Compher (KAHM’-fur) also scored and Philipp Grubauer made 25 saves in Colorado’s first victory in the Canadian capital since Feb. 11, 2016. — Russell Westbrook scored 41 points and Robert Covington was productive in his Houston debut as the Rockets topped the Lakers, 121-111. Covington hit two clutch late 3-pointers while getting 14 points and eight rebounds, helping the Rockets drop the Western Conference leaders to 38-12. Houston rallied from a late four-point deficit and ended the game on a 19-5 surge highlighted by two of Covington’s four 3-pointers.— Damian Lillard and Hassan Whiteside each had double-doubles, while Gary Trent came off the bench to add 18 points as the Trail blazers downed the Spurs, 125-117. Lillard delivered 26 points and 10 assists, and Whiteside had 17 points and tied a season-high with 23 rebounds.— Pelicans were 125-119 winners at Chicago behind Zion Williamson’s team-high 21 points. Williamson had nine points as New Orleans outscored Chicago 31-19 in the third quarter. JJ Redick dropped in 18 points and Derrick Favors grabbed 15 rebounds as New Orleans improved to 4-4 since Williamson made his NBA debut on Jan. 22.— Julius Randle furnished 22 points and Taj Gibson had 19 as the Knicks picked up their third straight win, 105-103 over the Magic. Elfrid Payton had 15 points and nine assists for New York, which rallied from 10 down in the fourth quarter to match its longest winning streak of the season.NBA-NEWS — No. 25 Houston earned a 75-62 win over Tulane as Caleb Mills had 18 points and Quentin Grimes added 15.NHL-SCHEDULEBolts double up PensUNDATED (AP) — The Tampa Bay Lightning won a matchup of hot teams to inch closer to the NHL’s Atlantic Division lead.The Lightning won for the 18th time in their last 21 games as Andre Vasilevskiy (va-sih-LEHV’-skee) made 29 saves in a 4-2 victory over the Penguins. Vasilevskiy improved to 15-0-2 in his past 17 starts to set a franchise record for consecutive games without a regulation loss.center_img — Detroit ended a nine-game losing streak by getting shootout goals from Dylan Larkin and Andreas Athanasiou (ath-an-ah-SEE’-oo) in a 4-3 victory at Buffalo. Larkin also scored twice in the opening period, but the Wings coughed up a two-goal lead in the third period before winning for just the sixth time since Nov. 12.NHL-BLACKHAWKS-SEABROOKBlackhawks’ Seabrook undergoes right hip surgeryCHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook is expected to be ready for the start of next season after undergoing right hip surgery today.The 34-year-old Seabrook also had right shoulder surgery in December and left hip surgery last month. The 6-foot-3 Seabrook has 103 goals and 361 assists in 1,114 games since his NHL debut in 2005, winning three Stanley Cups with the Hawks. — MLB owners are 2-0 in arbitration this winter after the Minnesota Twins beat pitcher José Berríos (beh-REE’-ohs). The 25-year-old right-hander will be paid just over $4 million rather than his request for $4.4 million. Berríos made $620,000 last year while going 14-8 with a 3.68 ERA in 32 starts for the AL Central champions last season, striking out 195 and walking 51.— Commissioner Rob Manfred says talks have ended over the proposed sale of a controlling share of the Mets from the families of Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz to hedge fund manager Steven Cohen. The Mets said in December that the contemplated deal between Sterling Partners and Cohen would allow 83-year-old Fred Wilpon to remain as controlling owner and chief executive officer for five years.— Former pitcher Chris Young will replace Joe Torre as the person who decides suspensions and fines for on-field matters. Young’s jurisdiction includes intentionally hitting batters, charging the mound and fights. Torre is shifting to a role as special assistant to the commissioner.NFL-NEWSWeddle hanging ‘em up Giannis Antetokounmpo (YAH’-nihs an-teh-toh-KOON’-poh) poured in 36 and hauled down 20 rebounds as the Bucks dumped the 76ers, 112-101 in Milwaukee. Antetokounmpo had 30-plus points and 15-plus rebounds for the fifth straight game and the 14th time this season.Khris Middleton finished with 20 points and seven rebounds, while Eric Bledsoe contributed 14 points, eight boards and six assists.Joel Embiid (joh-EHL’ ehm-BEED’) had 19 points, 11 rebounds and six assists, but he shot just 6-for-26 and was 3-for-10 from 3-point range.Tobias Harris had a team-high 25 points for the 76ers, who closed out an 0-4 road swing that also included losses to Atlanta, Boston and Miami.Checking out Thursday’s other NBA action: Update on the latest sports Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNBA-SCHEDULEBucks down SixersUNDATED (AP) — The Milwaukee Bucks improved to an NBA-best 44-7 by avenging their lopsided Christmas Day loss in Philadelphia. UNDATED (AP) — Six-time Pro Bowl safety Eric Weddle says he is leaving the NFL after 13 seasons.Weddle made his long-expected retirement announcement on Twitter, although the hard-hitting safety with the big beard didn’t use the specific word.Weddle played nine seasons for the San Diego Chargers and three more for the Baltimore Ravens before spending last season with the Los Angeles Rams. He said in December that he didn’t expect to return for the second season of his contract with the club.The 35-year-old Weddle became one of the NFL’s toughest and most durable safeties after San Diego drafted him out of Utah in the second round in 2007. Weddle was a Pro Bowl selection in 2011, 2013 and 2014 for the Chargers. He joined Baltimore in 2016 and earned three straight Pro Bowl selections.PGA-PEBBLE BEACH — The 76ers have snared Glenn Robinson and Alec Burks from the Warriors in exchange for one second-round pick in each of the next three drafts. The Sixers made room at the deadline when they traded James Ennis III to the Orlando Magic for a future second-round pick.— A person with knowledge of the details says a public memorial service for Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others killed in a helicopter crash is planned for Feb. 24 at Staples Center. The date corresponds with the jersey numbers he and 13-year-old daughter Gianna wore — 24 for him and 2 for her. The Staples Center has played host to other memorials, including for Michael Jackson.T25 MEN’S BASKETBALLGonzaga rolls to victoryUNDATED (AP) — It took one half of basketball for second-ranked Gonzaga to get going. The 6-foot-11 Drummond leads the league with 15.8 rebounds per game and is averaging 17.8 points and 1.7 blocks.In other NBA news:— The Memphis Grizzlies have dealt Andre Iguodala (ihg-ah-DAH’-lah), Jae Crowder and Solomon Hill to the Miami Heat for three players who’ve combined to score a mere 254 points this season. The trade ends the Grizzlies’ impasse with Iguodala, who refused to play for them and asked to be traded or have his contract bought out. The Grizzlies get Justise Winslow, James Johnson and Dion Waiters.— The Knicks were part of a three-team swap that sends Marcus Morris from New York to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers also get Isaiah Thomas from the Wizards, who come away with Jerome Robinson. The Knicks received Maurice Harkless, Issuf Sanon, the Clippers’ first-round pick this year, a protected first-round swap option in 2021 and a second-rounder in 2021.— Dewayne Dedmon is returning to the Hawks in a trade that sends center Alex Len and forward Jabari Parker to the Kings. Atlanta also requested waivers on center Nenê (neh-NAY’), one day after he was acquired from Houston as part of a four-team trade. 30 years after Tyson fight, Buster Douglas is ‘feeling good’COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Former fighter Buster Douglas says he’s felling healthy, 30 years after his hard-fought victory against boxing titan Mike Tyson. And Douglas is basking in the glory he says he was denied at the time.The 59-year-old will be celebrated at an anniversary gala today in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where he’ll raise money for programs that help others who face long odds.His students throughout Columbus’ parks and recreation system look up to the man they call simply “coach” as a teacher, friend and hero.Douglas’ charity effort, 42 to 1, supports workforce development, diversity and soft skills training programs for at-risk youth.last_img read more

Berekum Chelsea renamed FC Berekum

first_imgFormer Glo Premier League champions, Berekum Chelsea, are likely to feature in the forthcoming league under a new name following consultations with various stakeholders including the board and the traditional authorities of Berekum to give the local people a sense of belonging.Barring any last minute hitch, the club would be known as FC Berekum and the FA is expected to be informed appropriately.The club’s CEO, Nana Kwame Nketia, told the Graphic Sports yesterday on phone that the FA would formally be informed by September 2, 2013, to enable all previous documentations to be amended.The change of name follows months of battles with the local authorities who feel alienated from the club. And as a way of roping in all those who matter in the traditional area and to rally home-based supporters along with the club, the board has yielded to the pressure.In a previous interview with the founder of the club, Mr Emmanuel Kyeremeh, before joining the premiership seasons ago, he said the name Chelsea was adopted as a way of creating a relationship with the English Premier League side.Unfortunately, that dream appeared to have fallen through and this became one of the key motivating factors for the change of name. But the Chairman of the Premier League Board (PLB), Welbeck Abra-Appiah, is sensing some difficulty in the usage of the new name because of time constraint.He told the Graphic Sports yesterday that although the PLB had not been informed officially, it did not look feasible for the name to be admitted because it would have to go through some administrative procedures before it would be officially accepted.“The club needed to have informed the PLB early enough for the necessary changes to be made.“Anyway, I cannot make any conclusive statement for now; I will need to check from the Chelsea officials. You can call me by close of day today (yesterday) for a firm answer,” Mr Abra-Appiah said.last_img read more


first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (March 2, 2016)–Santa Anita Park has announced it will begin installation of a completely new Bermuda turf course on June 20, which will be ready for use in advance of Santa Anita’s Autumn Meet which begins in late September.“With the impact of additional racing dates and increased demand for turf racing, the replacement of the course is something we have been anticipating and planning for several months,” said Joe Morris, Senior Vice President, West Coast Operations for The Stronach Group. “The new course will be very tight-knit and uniform, and we’re confident that we can have it fully installed by early July, which will give it the time it needs during optimum growing conditions.“Turf racing is extremely popular with our fans and horsemen, and with our expanded racing calendar, we are placing demands on this course that have never before existed. The new turf is designed to be robust enough to handle the additional use. The horsemen are fully supportive of this project, and together, we look forward to its implementation.”                Trainer Jim Cassidy, President of the California Thoroughbred Trainers (CTT), said the following: “A completely new and durable turf course is essential to successful year ’round racing at Santa Anita. Track leadership has been careful to consider our suggestions and we are pleased to endorse their plan.”Beginning June 6, preparations will begin on the hillside portion of the course, with the turf oval scheduled for closure beginning June 20. The first course of action will be to remove the existing turf and prepare the soil for the installation of the fully mature Bermuda, which has been grown in La Quinta, Calif.With an oval that measures about seven furlongs, Santa Anita’s Camino Real Turf Course is unlike any other in North America, in that it features a hillside component, which measures about 6 ½ furlongs (4,777 feet) from the top of the hill to the finish line.With Santa Anita’s current Winter Meet drawing to a close on April 10, turf racing in California will shift to Golden Gate Fields as they conduct their 75th anniversary Turf Festival, which will run from April 14 through May 1. Turf Festival purses will be increased and horsemen will be offered complementary vanning between Santa Anita and Golden Gate.As a result of Santa Anita’s turf course project, there will be no turf racing here from June 23 through closing day of the track’s Spring Meeting on July 10.Turf racing will resume with the onset of Santa Anita’s Autumn Meet, which runs from Sept. 30 through Nov. 6.last_img read more

Kenya banks on early goals in Sudan return

first_img0Shares0000Harambee Stars U23 head coach Francis Kimanzi feeds instructions to his players during a training session at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on March 25, 2019. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 25 – The Harambee Stars Under-23 team faces a mountainous task on Tuesday evening in their quest to earn a place in next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, when they host Sudan in the return leg of their penultimate qualification tie.Stars go into the return fixture needing a win of three clear goals to go through to the next round having lost the first leg 2-0 in Khartoum last Friday, and the team says only early goals will put them firmly in contention. “We were unlucky in the first leg because even though we were playing away from home, we created the most scoring chances but we could not score. We are confident of turning things around in the return leg,” Skipper Mike Kibwage said.He added; “Everyone in camp is psyched up for that game. We will go fully offensive and hope to get an early goal like we did against Mauritius. We have the same quality and I believe we can achieve that.”Kibwage is stepping in to the skipper’s boots in the absence of regular Joseph ‘Crouch’ Okumu who was not released by his club Royal Monarchs and the KCB man has vowed to lead his charges to victory on home soil.“It is a tough task but we are sure we can do it. Everyone is determined,” the former AFC man added.Harambee Stars U23 captain Mike Kibwage during a training session at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on March 25, 2019. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluHead coach Francis Kimanzi is also confident the team has what it takes to progress to the final qualification round where a meeting between either Nigeria or Libya awaits.“If we can play better offensively and create more opportunities, we will have a good chance. If we can get the first goal early, then we can run the game from there. I am confident enough to say there is a possibility,” the tactician stated.Kimanzi’s pre-match plans have been slowed down with injuries sustained by strikers John Avire and Jaffary Owiti who trained separately from the rest of the pack on Monday, with their involvement in Tuesday evening’s tie being highly doubtful.“We will see about them, there is no panic but for sure you can never replace an individual because of the qualities they bring in. We will tell assess them with the medical team and then make a decision on whether to field them or not,” Kimanzi offered.Harambee Stars U23 striker Piston Mutamba watches on as teammate James Mazembe dribbles during a training session at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on March 25, 2019. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluIn their place, Kimanzi has already called in winger James Kinyanjui from Mathare United while forward Piston Mutamba went straight into camp after arriving from Ghana with the senior team.Kimanzi explained that Mutamba was part of the team’s plan from the word go but he had to be released to go to Ghana with the senior team after Michael Olunga’s injury.The availability of the two attacking players will be a huge asset to Kimanzi and his squad especially with the number of goals required to turn the fixture around.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more