Sahara dust cloud looms over Cuba, Caribbean and Florida

first_img“The highest concentration over the capital will occur tomorrow,” he said.In Havana, scientist Eugenio Mojena said the phenomenon “causes an appreciable deterioration in air quality.”Mojena said the dust clouds are loaded with material that is “highly harmful to human health.”Mojena listed “minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorous, silicon and mercury” in the dust, and said the clouds also carried “viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogenic mites, staphylococci and organic pollutants.”According to the Institute of Meteorology, temperatures in Cuba’s eastern province of Guantanamo reached a record for the time of year of 37.4 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. Duran ruled out any link with the coronavirus pandemic.The government said its epidemic is under control and last week began to relax quarantine measures, with Havana the only area where restrictions remain because it continues to register infections.The island reported a single new case on Wednesday, bringing the total number of infections to 2,318, with 85 fatalities from COVID-19. Francisco Duran, head of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, said the cloud is likely to “increase respiratory and allergic conditions”.Air quality in Miami is currently “moderate” the city’s health department said, asking people with respiratory problems to stay home.Powered by strong winds, dust from the Sahara travels across the Atlantic Ocean from West Africa during the boreal spring.But the density of the current dust cloud over Cuba “is well above normal levels,” said Cuban meteorologist Jose Rubiera. A massive cloud of Saharan dust darkened much of Cuba on Wednesday and began to affect air quality in Florida, sparking warnings to people with respiratory illnesses to stay home.The dust cloud swept across the Atlantic from Africa over the past week, covering the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico since Sunday and hitting south Florida in the United States on Wednesday, authorities there said.Conditions over the Cuban capital Havana are expected to worsen on Thursday, specialists on the Communist-run island reported.center_img Topics :last_img read more


first_imgLEXINGTON, Ky. (September 22, 2015) – The Breeders’ Cup has today revealed the stunning new logo for the 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Following an exciting and historic 2015 horseracing season, the Breeders’ Cup World Championships will return for the ninth time to Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California. The sophisticated and sleek new logo illustrates Breeders’ Cup’s evolution as a brand and emergence as one of the world’s preeminent lifestyle and entertainment experiences. The Breeders’ Cup has partnered with Epiphany Inc., a luxury marketing and branding agency whose clients include Montage Hotels & Resorts, among other luxury hospitality brands, to create the new design. An unprecedented move by Breeders’ Cup, the partnership marks the first time that Epiphany has worked with a horseracing brand and the new logos are emblematic of Breeders’ Cup’s growth as a leading racing and lifestyle event.“The logo for the 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Championships is the perfect combination of both tradition and modernity,” said Craig Fravel, President and CEO of the Breeders’ Cup. “With Santa Anita being one of the country’s most iconic tracks and the site of some of Breeders’ Cup’s most memorable moments, we couldn’t have asked for a logo that better reflects our brand and our host sites.” The logo for the 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Championships at Santa Anita, which will be held November 4-5 next year, is inspired by the Hollywood culture and lifestyle. With an oval outline that mimics the shape of the track, a single palm tree and the lone star of California, the 2016 logo offers a distinct sense of place. The yellow light beams reinforce the close proximity to and influence of Hollywood on the 2016 event and the iconic purple of the Breeders’ Cup completes the signature design. New logo inspired by the iconic Santa Anita Park racetrack, Hollywood and the state of California. About Breeders’ CupThe Breeders’ Cup administers the Breeders’ Cup World Championships, Thoroughbred racing’s year-end Championships.  The Breeders’ Cup also administers the Breeders’ Cup Challenge qualifying series, which provides automatic starting positions into the Championships races. The 2015 Breeders’ Cup World Championships, consisting of 13 grade I races and purses totaling $26 million, will be held October 30-Oct. 31 at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Ky., and will be televised live by the NBC Sports Group. Breeders’ Cup press releases appear on the Breeders’ Cup Web site, You can also follow the Breeders’ Cup on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube center_img -30- The Breeders’ Cup has also tapped Epiphany Inc. to create the logo for the 2017 World Championships, which will take place at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. Media Contact:        Jim Gluckson, Breeders’ Cup, 212-230-9512, [email protected] Blue, Nike Communications, 646-654-3426, [email protected]last_img read more

KCCA FC confirm departure of Josephine Namukasa as CEO

first_img Tags: Josephine NamukasaKCCA FCPhilip Omondi InvitationalUganda Cup Josephine Namukasa (left) has been KCCA FC CEO since July 2017 (file photo)Lugogo – After days of speculation, KCCA FC have finally confirmed that Josephine Namukasa resigned as club Chief Executive Officer (CEO).The current Uganda cup holders confirmed the developments through a statement that was released to the media on Tuesday evening.“The Board of Directors of KCCA FC at its monthly meeting held on September-06-2018 received and accepted the resignation of Ms. Josephine Namukasa as acting CEO of KCCA FC, read the statement.Namukasa was appointed as acting CEO in June 2017 and served in the same capacity until her resignation.“In order to ensure continuity of the club’s operations, the Board of Directors of KCCA FC in exercise of its mandate has appointed Ms. Anisha Shahir Muhoozi as its acting CEO effective September-10-2018, continued the statement.“Mr. Moses Kaddu will serve as Acting manager for operations and administration.“We thank Ms. Namukasa for her gallant leadership and we are grateful for her tireless contributions to the club.It is worth noting that Namukasa was the first Female Club CEO in Ugandan football.This all comes just days to the Philip Omondi Invitational tournament that is annually hosted by KCCA FC at its home-StarTimes Stadium, Lugogo.The preseason tournament that is aimed at remembering arguably the greatest Uganda footballer of all time-Philip Omondi, will take place on Friday and Saturday this week.Comments last_img read more

Ecommerce UX Best Practices to Follow

first_imgTags:#content#customer support#ecommerce#User Experience#UX Create better-targeted content. Best sellers are generally perceived as top-quality and trusted. However, instead of ranking your products by sales, use a more granular approach to make your offers relevant to different customer groups. For example, you can classify your top-selling items by a customer’s location. AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Show your customers products similar to ones they’re interested in. You can even use this as a powerful up-selling strategy, suggesting products that are similar in style and design, but higher in price. Remember your customers’ previous experiences with your brand. Have a detailed FAQ page. People love online reviews as they’re more realistic and unbiased than branded messages. Now, you’re probably already using customers’ photos, positive reviews, and testimonials to build trust with new visitors. To increase the visibility of UGC, you could add online ratings to every product on your site or create a carousel of user-generated photos at the bottom of your product pages.Offer Exceptional Customer SupportMicrosoft’s research says that, for 96% of online customers, customer service is a critical factor in their choice of brand. However, the way ecommerce buyers interact with brands has changed over time. According to Microsoft, 54% of consumers say they now have higher customer service expectations than they had the last year.Why is this so? Remember that we’re living in the hyperconnected era, where brand-customer communication goes beyond email and phone calls. Today, customers use social networks, instant messaging apps, and chatbots to seek brand feedback in real-time. Namely, 57% of consumers would rather connect with businesses via online channels rather than voice-based customer support. Related Posts Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Create a list of best sellers. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos The idea behind this is simple – your website remembers the items a customer viewed, making it easier for them to continue their purchase right where they left off. Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector My name is Raul, editor in chief at Technivorz blog. I have a lot to say about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. You can reach me out on Twitter. Stats say that over 40% of your customers prefer self-service over other customer support methods. Providing support methods is precisely where building a comprehensive FAQ page helps. Track your customer interactions across multiple channels continuously and identify the most common questions they ask or the problems they face. Then, make a list of questions for your FAQ page and provide informative and easy-to-understand answers to these questions. A killer FAQ page and knowledgebase minimize the buying anxiety, helps customers solve problems instantly, and guides them towards converting. Ecommerce sales are expected to double between 2016 and 2020. The research study by BigCommerce claims that 96% of U.S. buyers with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, while 80% of them have ecommerce purchases at least monthly. However, with the growth of online retail, customers’ demands have changed. Did you know that, if the content on your site is not optimized properly, 79% of visitors will go back to search and look for your competitors? Moreover, most of them will never come back. It’s essential to know ecommerce UX best practices to follow.The stats only tells us how valuable user experience is in the ecommerce sector. In this case, UX stands for enhancing the entire buyer journey, from the moment a user lands on your store to the point they make a purchase. UX goes beyond gorgeous visuals and fluid designs. How engaging is your site? Do people get bored when navigating through it? What about its speed and mobile responsiveness? In other words, ecommerce UX is data-oriented. It’s built on constant assessments. Most importantly, it’s 100% customer-focused.Want to know how to increase the UX of your online store?Let’s find out!Provide Intuitive NavigationWe want to make sure that our ecommerce customers have a user-friendly — frictionless experience.Intuitive navigation lets your visitors navigate your site and take desired actions effortlessly. Easy navigation is especially important for large online stores that have complex architecture and lots of categories and filters. Your goal is to provide frictionless user experiences, allowing your customers to find what they’re looking for faster. Here are a few simple rules you should keep in mind when building navigation for your ecommerce site:Menu labels and product categories on your site should be descriptive – they should inform a customer about each page on your site and help them find the right products quickly.Reduce the number of categories in your navigation menu to increase its searchability.Include easy-to-spot and informative CTAs that will guide users from one page to another, towards taking the desired action.Include a search bar. The search bar is particularly important for those users that already know what they want to purchase. They’re more likely to use internal search than scroll down your complicated website menu. Use breadcrumbs. Similarly to the Hansel and Gretel story, website breadcrumbs refer to link paths that visualize a user’s location on your site. If breadcrumb navigation makes sense for your site, then include the full navigation path and make sure your breadcrumb titles match those in your menu.Personalize the Buyer JourneyIn the marketing realm, personalization is more important than ever. According to SalesForce, 62% of online users want to receive personalized offers. Most of them are also eager to share their personal data with brands to get relevant deals and spend more money on such offers. Now, there are numerous powerful ways to implement personalization with ecommerce marketing. Product-detail page recommendations. Integrate chatbots with your website. With the growth of AI, the use of sophisticated chatbots has also grown. In addition to answering your customers’ questions instantly, chatbots can even personalize customer conversations and make them more pleasant and better-focused. Given that, it’s not surprising that 69% of online users prefer bots for quicker interactions. Keep the Onboarding Process Simple Lengthy signups and checkouts are probably the most exhausting part of customer-brand interactions. Precisely because of that, you should focus on simplifying these processes and making them as short and smooth as possible. Simplify onboarding – you don’t have to ask your customers lots of questions at the very beginning. Their name and email address are enough to register. Don’t force users to register. No matter if they’re in a hurry or they simply don’t want to register; allow them the opportunity to complete the purchase the way they want. Use a single-column structure to make the registration process simple. This way, you will be able to structure your forms logically, ensuring users’ eyes move naturally from one point to another. Multiple columns, on the other hand, may be confusing for your customers. A bunch of columns are especially bad for mobile users, as multi-column forms don’t fit smaller screens properly.Separate fields into semantic sections. If your checkout forms still have lots of questions, this tactic will make them easier to follow and more predictable. How to Identify the UX Issues with your Online Store?Building an ecommerce marketing strategy is not all about designing a website that stands out. A beautiful website is only half the job that has to be done. The other half is setting SMART goals, aligning them with the right metrics, and analyzing your site’s performance continuously. Monitoring your site’s performance is the only way to identify the critical problems with your online store, understand your customers, and make informed changes faster. Now, there are a few ways to test the effectiveness of your strategy. For example, you could use heatmaps to understand the click and scroll depth. The heatmap will help you find any links or buttons users cannot click and understand their browsing behaviors. You will also see whether people are scrolling consistently or they’re skipping from one part of the page to another.Another way to test your website effectiveness is to allow session recording to see how your website visitors are browsing through your website. Is there anything that annoys them? Can you identify the patterns that lead to more purchases or those that increase customer churn rates?Finally, make sure you choose the right ecommerce metrics to measure. Some primary KPIs you should follow are:The percentage of returning customersAverage order valueCustomer lifetime valueShopping cart abandonmentRevenue by traffic sourceTraffic sourceThe conversion rateTraffic by an online sourceMarketing metrics like website traffic by source, time on site, pages per visit, subscriber growth rate, etc.Over to YouKnowing to observe your online presence through the eyes of your customers is key to your success. Still, remember that there is no uniform UX strategy to apply. Experiment with different approaches and test their results regularly to see what works for your customers. Watching what works will help you know what to fix. Finding the right approach is the only way to attract new customers, build trust with them, and retain them over time. Running an ecommerce blog is key to building trust with your target audience and increasing your online authority. However, blogging is not only about writing a few generic articles monthly. You need to use your content to intrigue, excite, and engage your audience. Instead of passively reading a pile of information, why not allow them to participate in their experiences actively? Create awesome explainer videos, attractive infographics, and gorgeous animations. Why not create a personality or product preferences quiz for your customers to take? Based on their answers, you can recommend products that are right for them and, in this way, generate more leads and boost sales. If you don’t have time or resources to manage an in-house content marketing team, you can outsource your content marketing to an outside agency. They will not only diversify your content strategy but also measure its performance to see what tactics work for your customers. Take user-generated content to the next level. Raul Harmanlast_img read more

Roundup: The Quirky Themes of Wes Anderson

first_imgWes Anderson’s iconic style and idiosyncratic approach to filmmaking is unmistakable. Enjoy this supercut roundup that features some of his most distinctive trademarks.It’s a lot of fun to explore the recurring trademarks of established directors. Scorsese never misses a chance to use Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones, and Kubrick loved his One-Point Perspective. And then there’s Wes Anderson, who is basically quirk incarnate. With it being allergy season in Texas, I recently spent a few days not getting off the couch. It gave me a great opportunity to revisit some of my favorite Wes Anderson films. When you find yourself six hours into a Bottle Rocket/Moonrise Kingdom/Life Aquatic binge, obviously certain themes begin to appear.Andy Crump, in his Screen Rant article,  A Beginner’s Guide to Wes Anderson Movies, said it best:Maybe more than anything else, it’s the look of Anderson’s films that immediately give them away as his; it’s unlikely you’ll ever watch Rushmore, or Fantastic Mr. Fox, or The Darjeeling Limited and wonder who made it.Let’s take a look at some Vimeo videos created by Wes Anderson fans that explore the director’s various calling cards.1. Wes Anderson // CenteredCreated by: kogonadaThis video showcases Anderson’s love of symmetry, a signature shot that sprung up as early as Bottle Rocket only to become more and more prevalent in his most recent films.2. Wes Anderson // From AboveAnother of Anderson’s tics: his love of shooting from directly above, usually while filming knick-knacks, props, and hands.Created by: kogonada3. Wes Anderson // VehiclesYou’ll probably be surprised at just how often Anderson uses vehicles in his films. These POV shots do a good job of placing the viewer directly into Anderson’s whimsical world.Created by: Jaume R. Lloret4. WES (slow motion)Anderson uses slow motion just about as well as any director working. His ability to match emotion and music in these clips is second to none.Created by: Alejandro Prullansky5. Red & Yellow: A Wes Anderson SupercutAnderson’s vibrant films aren’t just defined by his technical skills and unique vision. His palette choices create an unmistakable vibe that permeates every shot.Created by: Rishi KaneriaAnd finally, here’s a great article from Slate that goes in-depth with Anderson’s long-time cinematographer, Robert Yeoman. In the interview, Yeoman discusses how he shot some of Anderson’s most iconic scenes. And here are a few more filmmaking resources to check out if you’re feeling inspired:Creative Inspiration: Directors on Directing5 Legendary Directors on DirectingHoning Your Craft: Find Your Voice as a DirectorWhat are some of the quirks that you recognize in your favorite directors? Do you have any go-to themes in YOUR work? Share your thoughts in the comments below.last_img read more

Two policemen injured in grenade attacks in J&K’s twin capitals


Its here The Opioid Crisis in Fort St John

first_imgTo view Healthy FSJ; CLICK HERETo view Healthy FSJ FB Page; CLICK HERE To view Community Action Team FB Group; CLICK HERE Responding to an overdose or getting help if you or someone you know is struggling with substance use/addiction; Have a naloxone kit on you and learn how to use it. Learn CPR as well.If you are a drug user, don’t use alone. Have a person there who can administer naloxone and call 9-1-1 should an overdose occur.Get your drugs tested for fentanyl. There is an anonymous testing service provided by the Women’s Resource Society, no questions asked. You do not need to provide ID or any personal information.There are several places you can access free naloxone kits and other harm reduction supplies as well as treatment and social stabilization support (e.g. counselling). Go to for all of the information to access these resources.More information about opioids;Opioids are drugs with pain relieving properties that are used primarily to treat pain.Opioids can also induce euphoria (feeling high), which gives them the potential to be used improperly.Opioids can be prescribed medications:codeinefentanylmorphineoxycodonehydromorphonemedical heroinOpioids can also be produced or obtained illegallyAbout fentanylFentanyl is a very potent opioid pain reliever. It is generally used in a hospital setting, and can also be prescribed by a doctor to help control severe pain. For medical purposes, it can be given in the form of: skin patchesinjectionstabletsFentanyl can enter into the Canadian illegal drug market in three ways: theft of pharmaceutical fentanyl products (mainly skin patches) illegal import from other countriesproduction by illegal clandestine laboratories in CanadaCanada’s illegal drug supply is being contaminated with illegal fentanyl and other fentanyl-like drugs (e.g. carfentanil). You can’t see, taste or smell fentanyl and a few grains can be enough to kill you. Fentanyl is a cheap way for drug dealers to make street drugs more powerful and it is causing high rates of overdoses and overdose deaths. Illegal drugs may contain unknown amounts of fentanyl. Drug dealers who make fake pills may not know or control carefully how much fentanyl goes into each pill. As well, sometimes drugs may accidentally contain fentanyl when drug dealers use surfaces and equipment contaminated with fentanyl. What makes fentanyl so dangerous?Fentanyl is a dangerous drug because:it is 20 to 40 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine, which makes the risk of accidental overdose very higha very small amount (about the size of a few grains of salt) of pure fentanyl is enough to kill the average adultit is odourless and tasteless, so you may not even know you are taking it it can be mixed with other drugs such as heroin and cocaine and is also being found in counterfeit pills that are made to look like prescription opioidsAre you a first responder, or have the possibility of coming into contact with fentanyl at work? Protect yourself. See: What you need to know about fentanyl exposurePublic Health EmergencyThis recent epidemic is characterized by the increasing proportion of deaths in which illicit fentanyl – an opioid substance – has been detected. Fentanyl was detected in 5% of illicit drug deaths in 2012 and this has increased annually reaching 60% in 2016.On April 14, 2016, Dr. Perry Kendall, Provincial Medical Health Officer declared a public health emergency under the Public Health Act in response to increasing overdoses and overdose deaths in our province. Details are available in the Ministry of Health News Release ( FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Recently the Fort St. John Community Action Team (CAT) released their Public Service Announcement (PSA) ‘Closer to home’ and film, ‘It’s here, The Opioid Crisis in Fort St. John’ in collaboration with Eagle Vision Video Productions Ltd.The ‘Close to Home’ PSA is a 39-second commercial created to grab viewers attention and make you think about people that might be in your life that are at risk. The hope is that the PSA will start a conversation as it shows opioid overdose can happen to anyone.center_img The short film, ‘It’s here, the Opioid Crisis in Fort St. John’, includes many interviews of partners within the City of FSJ, which provides more clarity on the landscape of the opioid crisis in FSJ, the work that has been completed to support the community and how shame needs to be removed from the situation to help offer support to people seeking help.CAT collectively applied for and received funding from the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions through the Community Action Initiative a year ago which helped fund the two audiovisual projects that are a couple of tools used by the action team to help educate the community.The team originally came together in response to the opioid crisis and addiction challenges that are happening in the community, and the group wants to show that we as a community are together in this. By providing information, resources, information and community events to show people that they are not alone and there is help.Healthy FSJ is the vehicle CAT uses for dialogue, education and awareness through their website, presentations to SD 60 classrooms, presentations to Treaty 8 First Nations communities, pop up booths and dialogue sessions, the Overdose Awareness week which saw people being trained in naloxone and work with the Peer group (those with lived experience) called the Northern Sun Helpers are ways in which CAT uses their voice in the community.CAT, comprised of over 70 members represents over 30 organizations that have spent the past year educating the community through awareness of the opioid challenges in the community, reducing stigma, and elevating the voices of Peers (people with living or lived experience with opioid use or addiction).With the partnerships that exist in the group and working with the Peers to identify community-based solutions, exploring harm reduction, treatment and aftercare services in Fort St. John, helps to strengthen partnerships and relationships in the community as the willingness and dedication of each member to contribute in the ways that they and their organization can have been what makes the CAT group successful.last_img read more

Businesses must pay up to Rs 20 for Aadhaar services use UIDAI

first_imgNew Delhi: Business organisations using Aadhaar services will now have to pay Rs 20 for each customer verification and 50 paise for authentication of each transaction carried out by the entities, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) said Thursday.”Aadhaar authentication services shall be charged at the rate of Rs 20 (including taxes) for each e-KYC transaction and Rs 0.50 (including taxes) for each Yes and No authentication transaction from requesting entities,” a notification by the UIDAI said. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in SepThe gazette notification, the Aadhaar (Pricing of Aadhaar Authentication Services) Regulations 2019, however, exempts government entities and the Department of Posts from authentication transaction charges. “The entities have been incurring a cost of Rs 150-200 per KYC sans Aadhaar. They have been demanding to use Aadhaar-based authentication and KYC services on account of these being convenient to them and their customers and also the fact that they will save huge amount which they currently incur in doing KYC through traditional means such as paper, physical verification, etc,” an official source told PTI. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to CustomsThe UIDAI source said with a nominal cost for each eKYC transaction entities would still be saving on Know Your Customer (KYC) cost while serving people with ease. According to the notification, the entities shall be required to deposit the authentication transaction charges within 15 days of issuance of the concerned invoice based on the usage. The delay in payment beyond 15 days shall attract interest compounded at 1.5 per cent per month and discontinuation of authentication and e-KYC services. Sources said that if an existing requesting entity (except those exempt), continues to use Aadhaar authentication services beyond the date of publication of these Regulations, it shall be deemed to have agreed to the specified authentication charges. The source said that now as per the amendments made through the Aadhaar Ordinance, several entities may now become eligible to use Aadhaar authentication subject to their meeting security and other conditions as per the Aadhaar Act and related regulations. “Therefore, it is just, fair and reasonable that such entities should contribute to meet expenses nominally which are incurred by UIDAI in providing these services,” the source said. The notification says that the scheduled commercial banks engaged in providing Aadhaar enrolment and update facilities in accordance with its gazette notification issued in July 2017 shall be exempt from authentication transaction charges. However, such banks, which fall short of the Aadhaar enrolment and update targets, as communicated from time to time, will be charged in proportion to the shortfall in achieving the target. UIDAI sources said that the above charges shall be in addition to the licence fees and financial disincentives, as applicable. The details of the transaction error codes and its charges shall be issued separately. The official said that in case a requesting entity does not wish to pay authentication transaction charges, it shall discontinue the use of Aadhaar authentication services and intimate its decision to the UIDAI immediately and surrender its access to the authentication facilities “However, the transaction charges as applicable till the date of de-activation of access to authentication services shall have to be paid,” the source said. On Wednesday, the Telangana government set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the alleged data theft case involving an IT firm here even as a Look out Circular (LOC) has been issued against the owner of the company. The nine-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) was constituted as it was necessary for the probe which required expertise in cyber crime and extended to several places other than Cyberabad Commissionerate limits, official sources said. The team would undertake a thorough investigation in all aspects of the case in an expeditious, effective, professional and fair manner for bringing out all facts and circumstances leading to commission of crime, they said. The SIT shall immediately take over the investigation of the case registered at Madhapur police station and all other related cases registered in Telangana, they added. Police said an LOC was issued against Ashok, CEO of ‘IT Grids India Pvt Ltd,’ by the Ministry of Home Affairs on a request from Cyberabad Police, to prevent him from fleeing the country. The IT firm has been accused of ‘theft of data’ of voters through “Seva Mitra” mobile app, used by the TDP in Andhra Pradesh. Four teams have been formed to nab Ashok, after he “failed” to appear before the police despite being summoned as part of the investigation in the case. The Cyberabad police had on March 2 registered a case against the company and conducted searches at its office here based on a complaint by a data analyst. The complainant, a data analyst, had alleged that the company misused personal information and sensitive data of voters in Andhra Pradesh through ‘Seva Mitra’ mobile app used by the ruling Telugu Desam Party. Preliminary investigation revealed that the company got illegal access to various personal and sensitive data of individuals such as Aadhaar, electoral roll, government schemes and voters information related to various political parties, which can be misused for illegal purposes. “LOC has been issued (against Ashok) and all airports have been alerted,” Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar said. A look out notice is sent to immigration authorities to ensure that any accused person is detained and handed over to the prosecuting agency. The senior police official said they were awaiting a response from Amazon Web Services and Google Play Store with whom the database is said to have been stored, to its notice seeking information. He further said they were in the process of writing to the Andhra Pradesh governemnt, Unique Identification Authority of India, Election Commission and Registrar of Companies for more details in this regard. Meanwhile, a probe by the Hyderabad police into the case registered by it against the company revealed that the names of four people,originally from Andhra Pradesh but staying here, were missing from the voters list. The complainant in this case had alleged that the firm had through a survey collected the information and deleted names of individuals after obtaining their political preferences.last_img read more

Medium does not matter for Karan Singh Grover

first_imgNew Delhi: Actor Karan Singh Grover, who is making his debut in the web space with ‘Boss: Baap of Special Services’, says the way he performs stays the same irrespective of the medium. On working on the digital space, Karan said: “It is my first time working in the web space. But I think for any artiste the way we perform, what we do and how we deliver stays the same whichever medium it is… It is cool because we can reach our audience and they don’t have to wait for a particular time to see us.” Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: PriyankaThe mystery thriller on ALTBalaji unravels the story of a con artist operating in the northern belt of India. He crosses paths with a police officer under unusual circumstances. Asked about his role, Karan said: “The name of my character in ‘Boss…’ is Keshav and he is pretending to be someone else. Basically he is a con-man and does things in a non-conformist way, and in a way that normally a law abiding policeman would not. So that’s a fun mix.” On the silver screen, he will soon be seen sharing screen space with his wife Bipasha Basu in the upcoming film Aadat.last_img read more

College Football Playoff Update TCU Promotion Shakes Up Odds

Sure, the college football playoff selection committee could change its mind at the last minute. Maybe it will decide Baylor deserves to rank ahead of TCU because Baylor won their head-to-head matchup. Maybe the committee will suddenly develop a fondness for Florida State, a team it has liked less than voters in the Coaches and AP polls.But hoping for a shift in attitude is reminiscent of the line often said by losing political candidates: “The only poll that matters is on Election Day.” True, that’s when the votes are counted, but the pre-election polls predict the final tally pretty well. Voters usually don’t waver at the polling place.Likewise, the voters on the committee are likely to remain steadfast. In fact, the rankings the committee published Tuesday night look like the work of a group that is doubling down rather than hedging its bets. TCU, which beat Texas badly last week, advanced to No. 3 in the rankings, overtaking Florida State, which won narrowly against Florida. That creates some further separation between TCU and No. 6 Baylor. And Florida State is now No. 4 despite being undefeated. The Seminoles will very probably make the playoff if they win the ACC championship game, but the committee seems to be making clear they won’t get in with a loss.TCU’s chances of making the playoff are now 96 percent, according to the FiveThirtyEight model — up from 80 percent before the committee’s new rankings were released. Those odds might seem incredibly high, but TCU has a cupcake opponent in 2-9 Iowa State, against whom it’s a 97 percent favorite, according to ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI). TCU remains unlikely to make the playoff should it lose, but it looks safer in the event of a win. That’s bad news for the teams ranking just behind it: Florida State, Ohio State and Baylor.Arizona’s playoff chances were also helped slightly by the new rankings, rising to 10 percent from 7 percent. The committee slotted the Wildcats at No. 7 after their victory against Arizona State last week, ahead of Michigan State, which also won. Moving ahead of Michigan State is not important unto itself — MSU isn’t playing in the Big Ten championship game and is no real threat to make the playoff — but it’s a sign the committee likes Arizona enough that it could break into the top four if it defeats No. 2 Oregon for the Pac-12 title.That leaves us with six games of consequence on the college football calendar this weekend: the four major conference championship games and the Big 12 regular-season games involving TCU and Baylor. These six games represent 64 possible permutations of winners and losers. But the simple version is this:Alabama, Oregon, TCU and Florida State are very probably in the playoff with a win.No other team controls its own destiny. Ohio State is more likely than not to make the playoff with a win, but it’s in trouble if everyone else wins out.Only Alabama can really afford to lose, and even it wouldn’t be totally safe.If you want the more complicated version, read along:No. 1 Alabama Crimson TideOpponent: No. 16 Missouri, for the SEC championship, on Saturday. Alabama is a 82 percent favorite, according to FPI.Overall chance of making playoff: 94 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 100 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 68 percentChance of making playoff with a loss if the rest of the top five win: 39 percentAlabama is heavily favored against Missouri, but things could get messy if it loses.Historically in the Coaches Poll, No. 1 teams that lost their conference championships fell to either No. 3, 4 or 5. The FiveThirtyEight model agrees with that range; it has Alabama as most likely to fall to one of those spots in the committee’s rankings if it loses.There’s a huge amount of practical difference between finishing at No. 3 and No. 5, of course, but it’s hard to be more precise than that. One problem is that we don’t know whether the committee sees Alabama as a clear No. 1 or just barely ahead of the other top teams. The other complication is that Alabama isn’t playing its game in a vacuum.The dangerous case for Alabama is if it loses while the rest of the top five — Oregon, TCU, Florida State and Ohio State — win. That scenario would be a nightmare for the committee; it would either have to deny the SEC a slot in the playoff (Missouri and Mississippi State have almost no chance) or bypass a one-loss conference champion such as Ohio State for two-loss Alabama.Could Alabama wind up behind Baylor, too? Possibly, but the model has Baylor as the team that could break Alabama’s fall in the standings instead. Whereas it gives Ohio State a 60 percent chance of being ranked higher should it win while Alabama loses, it has Baylor with just a 30 percent chance of doing the same.No. 2 Oregon DucksOpponent: No. 7 Arizona for the Pac-12 championship Friday night. Oregon is a 74 percent favorite, according to FPI.Overall chance of making playoff: 81 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 100 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 26 percentChance of making playoff with a loss if the rest of the top five win: 10 percentOregon will be an underdog to make the playoff it loses. One problem is that its opponent in the Pac-12 championship game, Arizona, could jump ahead of it. The model has Arizona with a 65 percent chance of ranking ahead of Oregon should it beat it in Santa Clara, California. That seems conservative; the model makes no special consideration for head-to-head play whereas the committee might, and Arizona would then have two head-to-head wins against Oregon (the Wildcats beat the Ducks in the regular season).Still, the Pac-12 championship is not quite a winner-take-all game. The committee could have some rationale for preferring Oregon to Arizona even if Oregon loses; Arizona played a poor nonconference schedule, and it has a middling rating, according to FPI and other systems. There’s also the chance the committee won’t admit a Pac-12 team.No. 3 TCU Horned FrogsOpponent: At home against Iowa State on Saturday. TCU is a 97 percent favorite.Overall chance of making playoff: 96 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 99 percentChance of making playoff with a win if the rest of the top five win: 95 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 12 percentChance of making playoff with a loss if the rest of the top five win: 1 percentThese next two cases are the simplest. TCU is very probably in with a win — even if all the other top teams win. It’s very likely out with a loss. Everyone else will be hoping for TCU to lose because it would be a clean knockout. Unlike Alabama, TCU would be little threat to remain in the top four with a loss. Unlike Oregon, a loss wouldn’t invite another team like Arizona into the playoff conversation. Unfortunately for those other playoff suitors, TCU is a 33-point favorite in Vegas.No. 4 Florida State SeminolesOpponent: No. 11 Georgia Tech for the ACC championship Saturday night. Florida State is a 64 percent favorite.Overall chance of making playoff: 62 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 94 percentChance of making playoff with a win if the rest of the top five win: 88 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 3 percentThis is an even clearer win-and-you’re-in, lose-and-go-home case. The model has Florida State as 94 percent likely to make the playoff with a win but gives it just a 3 percent chance with a loss.You could debate either of those numbers, I suppose, but I don’t know that you’d get very far. Florida State has twice been overtaken in the playoff committee standings despite winning; is it possible that the committee could do that to the Seminoles again? Probably not; those previous demotions came after wins against middling opponents; Georgia Tech is a wholly respectable one. And the model isn’t considering the political consequences to the committee of leaving an undefeated defending national champion out of the playoff.No. 5 Ohio State BuckeyesOpponent: No. 13 Wisconsin for the Big Ten championship Saturday night. Ohio State is a 59 percent favorite.Overall chance of making playoff: 35 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 60 percentChance of making playoff with a win if the rest of the top five win: 16 percentChance of making playoff with a win if at least one higher-ranked team loses: 86 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 1 percentFirst things first. The Buckeyes need to beat Wisconsin. What then? As I’ve mentioned, the top four are in a reasonably safe position with a win. That necessarily implies the No. 5 team — Ohio State — needs someone ahead of it to lose to have much of a shot. If Ohio State wins but so does everyone ahead of it, its chances of making the playoff are just 16 percent. If it wins and someone ahead of it loses, those chances jump to 86 percent. Ohio State was hurt slightly by TCU pulling ahead of Florida State; TCU, playing a soft opponent, would have been an easier team to overtake for the No. 4 position.No. 6 Baylor BearsOpponent: At home against No. 9 Kansas State on Saturday night. Baylor is a 70 percent favorite.Overall chance of making playoff: 18 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 26 percentChance of making playoff with a win if the top five win: 1 percentChance of making playoff with a win if one higher-ranked team loses: 7 percentChance of making playoff with a win if two or more higher-ranked teams lose: 62 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 0 percentThe model is bearish on the Bears’ chances; it has them favored to make the playoff only if they win and at least two teams ranked ahead of them lose. Conference balance could also work against Baylor. If TCU gets in, the Big 12 will already have a representative in the playoff, and that could encourage the committee to prefer Ohio State or Arizona (or Alabama should it lose to Missouri) ahead of the Bears.No. 7 Arizona WildcatsOpponent: No. 2 Oregon for the Pac-12 championship Friday night. Oregon is favored; Arizona has a 26 percent chance of winning.Overall chance of making playoff: 10 percentChance of making playoff with a win: 37 percentChance of making playoff with a win if the top five apart from Oregon win: 8 percentChance of making playoff with a loss: 0 percentArizona has come a long way. Its chances of making the playoff were just 0.4 percent two weeks ago. It has since secured big wins against Utah and Arizona State, while getting some help elsewhere (UCLA’s loss to Stanford) to get into the Pac-12 championship game.The Wildcats will still need to bypass three teams to get in, but they have the advantage of playing one of them. Arizona is more likely than not to overtake Oregon in the standings should the Wildcats beat the Ducks.No team below Arizona has more than a 3 percent chance of making the playoff. Kansas State is the team with the 3 percent chance after its ranking improved from No. 12 to No. 9. An even longer shot is Georgia Tech, which climbed from No. 16 to No. 11 and has a 1 percent chance. That’s not good, but it’s better than No. 13 Wisconsin or No. 16 Missouri, both of whom are also playing for their conference championships.We’ll conclude with the model’s probabilistic take on how the top 25 might look Sunday:It’s fun to contemplate how things might change if there were eight teams in the playoff instead of four. Michigan State and Mississippi State would still be alive, and Wisconsin, Georgia Tech and Kansas State would have a lot left to play for. read more