November 2017

Shanghai dragon is dead to talk about the future development direction of Shanghai where the Dragon

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"" Forbes ": Shanghai dragon dead social real-time content is popular, do not know how many webmaster agree, at least I do not agree with this view, because it seems to me that Shanghai will only continue the development of dragon and Phoenix, not because a thing is not, after all, Shanghai dragon as the search engine, search the place certainly need Shanghai dragon. You might say, when Taobao operating more standardized, operating space is increasingly small, Shanghai dragon should be the same, the search engine is more and more standardized, Shanghai dragon is come to an end, but absolutely not the case, as after the popularity of social networking, then Shanghai dragon still it will have the meaning of existence, this article, said the development direction of Shanghai dragon, for us under the guidance of read more

The domain name unification and 301 redirect First impressions are strongest

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domain name with WWW, or WWW, is actually not so important. At least not because that was not because of the domain name with WWW visitors left out. The key question is whether a website adhere to the rules of url. Early in the website construction, is very important to make this decision, decided to take the WWW, it will not take up to 301 directional band WWW, and vice versa. Decisions after, the entire site must according to the rules of URL to deploy within the chain and the chain extension. Even after doing 301 redirect, if the station with chaos and link without WWW, outside the station also indiscriminately released outside the chain with and without WWW, it will cause the weight of the dispersion, search engines were included with WWW and without WWW page, website ranking will cause delay do not go on. This is because the WWW is not www two domain names, which are different in the eyes of the search engines. In general, will be the first choice of domain name with WWW, we will call it the preferred domain. read more