The stationmaster must be clear who is the man who search in the search

we all know the words "there is reason", such things are many believe in statistics, why do they exist? If you feel it’s not practical, statistics system and why do such things. In addition to love this kind of Shanghai statistics do more detailed and rich, and other statistical tools is not listed, but I believe that a lot of people watching, but few people pay attention to. So this piece of data should be analyzed how to


search in the search??? Whether the webmaster are aware of such a concept, we often say to do a website to do Shanghai dragon is very confused, quickly to the bottleneck, but in fact we live in the waste of resources of the age ", we really know who is who is in search. Search for people? Marketing Marketing Marketing, you even do not know what the object of marketing, Shanghai dragon dragon Shanghai, Shanghai dragon do you even you do not know who to see, who through the Shanghai dragon to find you, talk about what Shanghai dragon, but a tool. This isn’t real read more

The high quality of the chain webmaster trump

1), the title of the soft

The content of

with the rapid development of the Internet industry, every day there are many websites so that the website was born, competition is increasingly fierce, so for our Shanghai dragon ER competition will become increasingly fierce. So how can we win in this fierce battle? It depends on our optimization approach, some people say that "content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the point I agree, I will share my experience outside the chain.

So the author believes that the read more

Everyone in the search list teach you to solve the problem on the list

in the figure we can see, is excited by only 3, of course, most Sogou can only display 5, the heat is big to small order.


wants our brands on the list need to do keywords heat, heat is not entirely to search popularity, we see the popular search list is not entirely correct, even if we don’t go to search the key words, he will be on the list, many beginners do not understand.

excitation law: in Sogou as long as your keywords in the article are users search out even if we are in the input, why the word Zong can see, but as long as the article included He Kuzong even before the word, say a hundred percent is excited is the truth. I believe that we promote a brand keywords, certainly a lot of promotion articles include brand keywords. read more

A5 marketing e commerce web site operators need to integrate new media platform

Sina micro-blog

selective fusion of WeChat marketing

new media, leading to more use of mobile Internet users, part of the customer flow has been transferred to the mobile media, business operators should be aware of this trend. Taobao Sina and micro-blog together, again that the electricity supplier website operators need to integrate new media platform.

integrated marketing

marketing is adventure mode electricity supplier marketing, planning and activities not integration, and will give the user objectionable consequences of marketing, cross marketing success for maximum brand benefit, so that the original is irrelevant to the elements, the mutual penetration of mutual integration, giving the brand a and three-dimensional sense of depth. The cross-border electricity supplier website marketing success stories are also many observations such as Ford wing > read more

How to limit the flow capture spider to promote Shanghai Longfeng effect

If the

5, the external call or CDN to accelerate the spider crawling, reduce the server response and the flow of waste. At present, most of the sites using a large number of pictures, video and other multimedia to show, and these images lack download traffic needs more, if we take pictures using the external call, you can save a lot of spiders crawl flow. The better.

1, find out the false spider IP shield. Through the web log analysis, we can know many of the so-called love Shanghai spider or Google spider are in fact false, we can parse out the false spider IP shield, which not only can save traffic but also can reduce the risk of site acquisition. To detect anti IP is not really a spider in the specific operation, the operation method is: start – click on the lower left corner of the -CMD- NSLOOKUP IP operation command to see the results. If it is really the search spiders have a spider marker, while the fake spider did not mark. read more

n 2016 the new Shanghai dragon optimization ideas to share

second points, called creative thinking. The function of our regional navigation will be divided into two blocks, the first importance is the aforementioned sort, this part is that everyone can see, but there are still many owners do not know the importance of this sort, if you do this the importance of your website more than 80% websites. How to become a true master, just said, 80% navigation sites follow the user’s explicit demand, so there are 20% how to do, if you rely on innovation, navigation without innovation, so we are doing the same, what search engines use your web site to the front row, if your competitors do not understand the user experience, so you can rely on importance beyond them, but if your competitors do user experience, you only through innovative thinking, to defeat them, the search engine will put your site in front of them. How to innovate, we have just said the explicit needs of users, the user demand is divided into two categories, second kinds of requirement is called implicit demand, also called the potential demand. For example, Jobs at the launch of Apple products, the user needs to know how an apple mobile phone, the user is not known, but after the launch of Apple’s mobile phone in why sell so fire, because users need such a mobile phone really. The success of Apple mobile phone is to catch the hidden needs of users. We look at this map, in the front row is not financial, entertainment, but the "100". The innovation of this "100" belongs to the individual, regardless of the. read more

Customer management Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization modify self rating scale

with the above score range and judge description, you can put this table to potential customers for them to fill. Here is the teacher burst with 19 questions, of course you can do for their own modifications, but there must be asked, describing the importance and 3 selection. The more you subject to do the corresponding adjustment score range. The money must be sent to the customer, let the customer know this checklist is what all not fill to fill, but to clear customer site status >

Hello, teacher burst and share the topic today is the project in the document "Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization checklist". To solve the high performance and the customer wants the gap between the professional requirements document, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding about the guest in the process. read more

Case analysis the reason of the website ranking drop

, many webmaster friends will meet not easy to do up the rankings decline or disappear, one will feel disconcerted, also do not know exactly which part of the problem, or the helpless, unable to find a solution, every day in the forum asked the question which the results obtained the answer is not to irrigation, or have been saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, basically consistent, both look tired, without too much practical help, finally have to rely on their own. Because the author is so over, also experienced large and small Shanghai Longfeng difficulties, but today I was very calm in the face of this situation, because the station did not experience the webmaster, not a qualified webmaster, is also unable to grow long. read more

Follow love Shanghai style layout website title

first give you hair is love Shanghai encyclopedia Title

love Shanghai music is a place in the face of the industry website, this website title set is consistent with our vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster for the title of demand. We can see the biggest love Shanghai Locke houses on the site of the general word on the site behind and in front of the keyword is the content of the website in addition to the first subdivision, Tianjin houses home name headings in this area of Tianjin, in the middle of "buy" to "real price" and "real estate" with Tianjin. This is because Shanghai is the choice of love "or" not "and" Robin Li said, this is the difference between love and Shanghai Google algorithm is the most obvious. The above content by kaifengfu 贵族宝贝 webmaster personal opinion, does not represent the industry standards, we hope to be useful, in order to respect the original please reprint note kaifengfu. read more

During the Shanghai massacre love home is K how to deal with

under the "cat’s paw" hardware electrical network appear:


6, Shanghai suffered a severe decline in weight of love.

1, the first hardware electrical network just home is down the right (now there will be a K page, rather than the total situation), so now only need to check the home page, and make the corresponding operation;

2, according to the basic parameters of information web log to check the website of the recent (especially home): included, snapshots, home chain, home Links, friends of the chain website included snapshot, server stability > read more