July 2017

Tuning Linode VPS small scale low performance low traffic website optimization practices

happened to see this post "written before the small scale and low performance and low flow website design principle", re issued to micro-blog caused a little stir, think it necessary to do a simple optimization practice indicated that the Linode VPS for example, lest someone asked me, also some hits):

assumes that you now have a basic VPS available, the basic memory 512MB. All refer to the official installation guide will provide the LAMP combination of running up, operating system Ubuntu, Web server, Apache database, MySQL, then PHP, and the need for the implementation of the application software, WordPress, Drupal or OpenCart is what, step by step configuration, can normal browsing. One of the benefits of operating in accordance with the official guidance document is that it will include some basic optimizations. Not too big a mistake. read more

Zhang Changdong remember website operation six word collection

last year, a friend of mine in Tianjin heard that I was doing a web site, saying he knew CEO, Li Xiang, a friend of his classmates. I was overjoyed and hurried him to visit me for some time. A few days later, my friend went to visit me and brought me 4 words: the original and the shooter. In addition, I added two words to my experience: authority.

industry website operation six words collection: original, gunmen, authority.


master see these words from the component, rookie see is just a few words. Zhang Changdong had no great achievements, but are willing to initiate, hope these words let the webmaster industry especially the website operators can learn some experience. Below I combined with the experience for everyone one by one, read more

Simple front end optimization of actual combat

The need for front-end optimization of

network project recently Joseph, front-end engineers we naturally think of several optimization front often mentioned the golden laws and precious rules in YSlow, we put part of experience sharing, superficial expression, when the right to communicate with

, laugh laugh!

to optimize the front end, naturally from two places, one is to reduce the number of requests for connections, and two is to compress the file size.

The use of

in the current project is carried out with the open source Minify, this is quite an affinity PHP small program, with a fairly elegant way with the vast majority of multiplex JS and CSS files, and can open text compression output function is very powerful tool, it is fairly easy to use configuration. If the five or six JS files used in the project merge, the request time can substantially reduce 15%~30%, which is impressive. read more

Not Baidu today let’s say Google

Google, the flow to 5/1, but Baidu exaggerated, my station had hung over GG, do not know which offended, or publicity people to cheat to revenge (on dating hang AD QQ–) GG was first months, 1 months income is around $150, day second a month to start every day there is a malicious click, the station got 20% hits, kinda attention, write to GG it automatically reply, I thought nothing, but the nightmare happened at the end of the month! One day open email found such a letter, visit the web site all GG ads similar to the 404 did not show read more

Wang Jianhua stationmaster station is built the key is to make good use of immediate resource


statement here, I write the purpose of this article is read completely, "inside ten years Baidu development strategy Chinese webmaster sorrow" this article feelings, write down some ideas and suggestions, is a book review, author of stationmaster didn’t attack.

The following

back to the topic, I think the webmaster of sorrow, and Baidu and Baidu to ask what the exclusive home page, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu space and so on has nothing to do, personally think that now the biggest sorrow is every webmaster, the published text and tried hard thinking to arbitrary soft, (of course, including me, because I www.cqglwg.com this station the ranking, to collect the money, so write text is necessary, but I is different, not to write text and to write text, is to their own way, encounter things down, add their own feelings into the article), in order to collect the text and collection collected by others (I, the article is reproduced, not responsible for their own links tend to change, presumably because they are funny, no matter from the station, or keyword rankings are unrealistic Friends, after reading, can tell which is the original, also will resent this site from the heart), in order to rank and ignore the information content itself, in order to SEO at the expense of the user experience and feelings, is the so-called source in the search engine ranking sad. read more

The advertising effects of classified information websites are worthy of attention

city information website operation is very hard, there are a lot of information users unconsciously. Some illegal information and repeated information need to be regularly cleaned. Although the administrator has set up an illegal word shielding, but information still have a way to put the word apart, or variants to send. People. Impossible to guard against the hard only, operation of city information webmaster peers can experience. The city information network maintenance effort, promotion difficult, it is difficult to profit, as everyone knows. But the city classified information website still has its special. The special is its advertising effect. With these antecedents, combined with their own experience to the operation information of small ads in the website, then write this "concern the classification of information website advertising effect" article, in ADMIN5 Webmaster Station and the webmaster exchange. read more

nvesting in the nternet is not just about making money

My name is Wang Shigang

, a teacher from Career Academy, came out from the very remote rural areas, is a real children of the mountains in 2005, international economy and trade major of Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology graduate, after graduating from the University as a teacher, I am in our village this ten years only one out of the college students, 18 years ago, every mountain cattle, was the local people called cowherd Wang erxiao, parents are farmers, is the day to do farm work, when I received a high school admission notice, they cry, not happy, because can not afford the high tuition fees, the family sold into all the valuable after that, in the community of good people to help, I finished the county key high school, when I went to college that day did not take a penny, I know I must strive to do college A lot of work, do a dishwasher, selling books, selling commodities, to give people a computer, do a tutor, together a total of more than 20 jobs, accumulated enough social experience, earn enough their living expenses, thanks to my school, so I owe the tuition for four years so I can study at school, while working side of life, while less tuition, go to school, I finished my four years of college life. read more

Baidu spider workflow detailed

first, Baidu spider is very active, often look at your server logs, you will find Baidu spider grab frequency and quantity are very large. Baidu spiders visit my station almost every day and grab at least dozens of pages. My station has only opened less than 3 months, the number of pages has not been perfect, but Baidu spider activities have been quite impressive. A lot of capture is Baidu’s strong point, and any other search engine can’t compare. But Baidu Chinese page number is not the biggest, Baidu spider crawl frequency and web update related. Every day updated site will attract Baidu spider more frequent visits. read more

E commerce brand reputation side is the way to success

in the domestic e-commerce market, with the birth of a company and a different orientation and distinctive business website, is fierce competition in electricity market, because of its enormous business opportunities to attract more and more companies into the market competition. Because the domestic consumption habits of Internet users are gradually formed and strengthened, the network brings people more convenient way of life, from the consumer to the service life of everything, the electricity supplier to the prosperity of the market from the basic conditions brought a guarantee. read more

Emotional foundation to create web pages emotional design re creation of web pages

web design seems to have reached a bottleneck, and it seems that creativity is hard to break through. But in fact, the web design still has room for development, many people say that depends on the details, and the details should rely on emotional design in order to break through.

is often more expensive than just a few goods, but people think luxury clothes are of good quality. In the same way, web pages need these lines.

emotional design comes from life. Since it is emotion, it can not be separated from reality. For example, in England, pedestrians often have buttons on the road crossing, and automatically change to green light as soon as the button is crowded. So we can very good use of web pages, forums have "rob building" function, many rob building is what time, what time?. But there’s no need to do so. For example, how many people press "I’m ready" or how many people on the page have access to the "automatic" rush, which would be more interesting? I think so. read more