More games have released on Steam this year than in all of

first_imgIf you’ve noticed a lot more stuff in Steam lately, rest assured that the data backs up your gut feeling. We’re not even halfway through 2014, but there have already been more games released on Steam than in all of 2013. More games is a good thing, but it’s not all good news. More games can make it harder to spot that cool new indie title, and not everything from Steam Greenlight has been awesome.The number of new games rises every month now.  A big piece of the influx of games in 2014 is thanks to hundreds of Greenlight titles that have been accepted. Valve has said it plans to end the Greenlight program, but the alternative will probably only increase the rate of game publishing. The Steam of the future will be an open platform where anyone can publish a game and set up virtual storefronts. Users will be tasked with acting as the curators of this more open Steam store.Valve seems to be aware that its game catalog is ballooning this year. The Steam homepage no longer shows new releases as the default view — it now lists top sellers first. That helps to hide some of those simple casual titles that don’t have as much appeal to PC gamers. Steam’s tagging system also helps, since it allows the community to make titles easier to find.It’s not just Greenlight, though — there are actually more games from established developers appearing on PC. Many of these are adaptations of mobile games, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of these are solid ports (Kingdom Rush comes to mind). The increase in crowdfunding used by game developers has probably also led to more Steam launches.No matter the cause, more games in Steam will make it harder to get noticed for smaller developers. We’ll have to wait and see if Valve has a solution for that.last_img

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