By FFWPU Albania On February 14th 2016 FFWPU CA

first_imgBy FFWPU Albania: On February 14th 2016, FFWPU, CARP and FPU in Pristina organized a very special project: “Pure Love Promotion”. The activity was divides in three parts. The first part was delivering of leaflets, where was an explanation about the activity and about our movement. The second part consisted of marching with posters in our hands in the central square of Pristina, and the third part was the main educational and entertainment activity at the “Youth Palace” in Pristina.In total we delivered 500 leaflets to students and to people in the streets and their reaction was positive. During marching activity, we were around 35 young members gathered. We were holding posters about True Love and the importance of Family Values. Many people were attracted and they congratulating us. One Muslim believer bought some flowers and he gave it to some members. It was a wonderful feeling to receive so much encouragement for people in the streets while we were chanting all together about the Pure Love protection. Then, at the main activity at the “Youth Palace”, we presented a short video, and gave a short lecture “Family, the School of Love” and then we organized some games and sang some songs. Even though there were not so many participants as we expected, the pleasure we felt by this activity was amazing.We really hope that Heavenly Parent and True Parents could accepted this present that we wanted to give to them. We learned many things, which we think are important to keep in mind next time we do such activities.In the same time like in Pristina, our Tirana center organized at main park of Tirana the activity: “Absolute Love”. As True Father expressed in His autobiography: “Being virgin before marriage and being loyal during marriage are the most two important things”, this were also our main proclamation of our activity.We were approaching young people with the idea to proclaim the sexual purity and by explaining them that the exclusivity of sexual relationship should be only of the partner in marriage. The one who agreed with this idea, we asked them to sign in a poster that we had prepared. And for the ones who were already married we gave them a “Love Certificate” after they pledge eternal loyalty to one – another.We gave to people some leaflets about “Absolute Love Alliance” and with the poem: “Crown of Glory”. Through this kind of activity it was easy to approach to couples and speak to them about Family Values and receive their contact in order that we can invite them at the Blessing Ceremony.Six days after this activity, in Tirana center, we had a workshop with young members with the goal to explain them about the Matching and Blessing procedure. We had 15 participants, 9 from them received this kind of workshop for the first time.We explained about the importance of changing the blood lineage, the meaning and the importance of completing the Holy Blessing and a short history about the Blessing and about the procedures we follow this days. One brother, Gabor Vasmatics, shared his experience about his matching and blessing.In the reflection time, members expressed joy by receiving this information, and they want to receive even more. So they asked to organize this kind of workshops more often. We hope that Heavenly Parents and True Parents can feel joy and hope, through this activities.last_img

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