Shanghai dragon is dead to talk about the future development direction of Shanghai where the Dragon

Don’t cheat

"" Forbes ": Shanghai dragon dead social real-time content is popular, do not know how many webmaster agree, at least I do not agree with this view, because it seems to me that Shanghai will only continue the development of dragon and Phoenix, not because a thing is not, after all, Shanghai dragon as the search engine, search the place certainly need Shanghai dragon. You might say, when Taobao operating more standardized, operating space is increasingly small, Shanghai dragon should be the same, the search engine is more and more standardized, Shanghai dragon is come to an end, but absolutely not the case, as after the popularity of social networking, then Shanghai dragon still it will have the meaning of existence, this article, said the development direction of Shanghai dragon, for us under the guidance of

planning of the Shanghai dragon, with a little bit of that frame, each part of the website should be how to do, when the entire Internet with the best mode to meet the search, it is also to meet the user’s time, do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng every step, believe is the trend of.

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second, Shanghai Longfeng pay more and more attention to the user experience

10 years from now, love Shanghai constantly try to communicate and webmaster, from the beginning of release of "love Shanghai search engine guide" to release the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, etc., are trying to communicate and try to let the webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng more and more standardized, remember a long time ago, China Ping teacher always let us pay attention to the noble baby Administrator Guide, the above tips is to se the biggest tip direction, and also love Shanghai release also let Shanghai dragon become more planning, do not let the cheating affects the search, so in the recent love Shanghai algorithm changes, many website has a large number of friends are K nothing, many stations are disappear overnight, remember to read an article, website whois information is similar to a judgment, a similar program, such as dedecms, the The real website is also not what K may, in some people stations most easily making stations, so for many CMS systems make friends received involved, but we remember ah, we must insist on ah, after all, as long as the site is formal, there must be back one day the.


user experience is that the adjustment of the love of Shanghai one of the most important factors in it, think of the user good algorithm but to users has brought low damage, many of the original site is K, but if you slowly with user experience to improve the user access time. You will slowly found website again. The main factors of the user experience is that we Shanghai Longfeng provides the most important appropriate content for the user, the content can let the user see the maximum that they want, no flying ads, no virus connect.

first, Shanghai dragon increasingly standardized

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