The domain name unification and 301 redirect First impressions are strongest

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domain name with WWW, or WWW, is actually not so important. At least not because that was not because of the domain name with WWW visitors left out. The key question is whether a website adhere to the rules of url. Early in the website construction, is very important to make this decision, decided to take the WWW, it will not take up to 301 directional band WWW, and vice versa. Decisions after, the entire site must according to the rules of URL to deploy within the chain and the chain extension. Even after doing 301 redirect, if the station with chaos and link without WWW, outside the station also indiscriminately released outside the chain with and without WWW, it will cause the weight of the dispersion, search engines were included with WWW and without WWW page, website ranking will cause delay do not go on. This is because the WWW is not www two domain names, which are different in the eyes of the search engines. In general, will be the first choice of domain name with WWW, we will call it the preferred domain.


and First impressions are strongest what? Very simple. The first impression is First impressions are strongest meaning, not only to the search engine, but also for visitors. If the site begins with a selection of non WWW as the preferred domain, then this optimization does not affect. For visitors, the site will think you are "born" without WWW, this does not affect the visitors coming and browsing. Someone may think that www seems to be a good website optimization, which is completely Weakness lends wings to rumours. A lot of domestic Hot Blog are not WWW, such as Lu Songsong and robin. Although later Lou song song do 301 redirection, but as long as the right way, without the WWW website as well.

these three words did not seem to what relevance, I explain in detail. Remember in Shanghai dragon why training, said only 301 redirect is very important about this, talk about their own views, welcome to discuss.

301 redirect is a "jump, jump is permanent, and it is the 302 temporary redirect is relative. The 301 jump will be transferred to the domain name weight oriented domain name, domain name can be weighted, the original flow, ranking can be transferred to a new domain. This technology will be used in new construction, usually transfer the old station to the new domain name. When new construction, due to the inertia of thinking is: "the majority of Internet users should be with WWW". So often DNS with WWW and without WWW are analytical, then do a 301 redirect, will not bring www permanent orientation to take on the WWW domain name (or even wwww to parse and redirect). I am also one of the most Internet users and most of the webmaster, do this too observant of conventional standards. permanent orientation. But through the 90 days of observation, also summed up some of their views:

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