Keywords analysis of intention analysis of user search keywords behind this

from this point of view we need the layout of the website should include the stone fish practice, stone fish join, stone fish group purchase. Some people like the company’s brand word nine door village stone fish that even, if you want to put the word stone fish make up the largest must grasp the needs of users, the layout of these contents is inevitable. As for how to find the content that you post is another thing, but you are in the design of the site layout of the content must be so. Here is the core keywords of a web site, if it is a long tail keywords we should how to analysis behind this intention? Such as the stone fish to join

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keyword or keywords positioning is the first step of a website began, is the most important step, if this step is wrong, then all efforts will be cast to waste. Analysis of key words first to key words, so the keyword analysis determines the positioning accuracy, and later the content of the website layout, this series of factors we can’t cut the view. Have to look at all this with the overall vision, we all know that the conversion rate of the site have a great relationship with the choice of keywords. Can be said that the choice of keywords is the first step of conversion.

asked the question what the intentions are? We analyze, ask which good people must know a few stone fish franchisees, there is a possible way, is the site of all are the same. No one took advantage of the side is extremely prominent, so let the search keywords people don’t know how to judge, so it will be in Shanghai to know love to ask this question. From this point of view, I think the answer to the problem of thought should be like this, first of all is to establish trust. Trust from the beginning of the brand, such as our nine door village stone fish is one of the ten major brand catering industry, which won the award, by various media reports, what are the success stories and so on, let the user feel your strength. Another point is to the opponent and do comparison, people do not ask any good? At least you have to come up with several sets of data, so that people will believe.

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end keyword must be accurate to analyze behind the search of the keywords users have any intention, such as the user in the search engine to search the stone fish, you want to know what users think. Your site should be to show the user what to retain users? In fact, if in a logic to determine if it is difficult to judge, this time we must talk with data. From the drop-down box of love Shanghai situation, search stone fish who needs to learn the practice of stone fish, the second is the stone fish to join. From the love of Shanghai related search situation, slightly better than the drop-down box a little rich, estimated that the industry is not so hot, with the drop-down box about just a few keywords, such as stone fish group purchase, nine door village stone fish, Shenzhen stone fish such keywords.

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