Look at the link before the PR value update standard

the purpose of 1: is to increase the high quality the chain, improve the site weight, the auxiliary effect of Shanghai dragon.

do optimization there may be little effect, "

: a

first to clear why so many websites to do link exchange or purchase link? May have a variety of purposes, some websites in order to improve the brand image, in order to get some traffic. But most of the mainstream of the main purpose is to have the following 2.

2 is to improve the PR value of the site, so as to better assist some promotion work.

because Google PR not update before the sale, resulting in a large number of Web links many well-known sites are unscrupulous, because selling more, for they did not affect PR, because PR is not updated. There are many websites have surface PR7, PR8, looked like weight is very high. But at the bottom of the site to sell a large number of Web links, ranging from 100 to more than hundreds. Because a large amount of wholesale price is low, there are still so many people are willing to buy. But in fact, this part of the site for a long time to sell link weights in the search engine has not been quite high, especially some website bottom hanged hundreds of links, links to these sites have a huge number, can bring much effect to the actual

PR for half a year before Google not updated, I began to believe that Google no longer update PR legend. Later found some friends around, still buy the chain, to improve website PR value. Heart a little feeling, was ready to write an "PR is not updated, how to judge the standard" article. Because of various reasons have been dragged didn’t write, when I last week is prepared to write, Google has played a joke on me, the PR value suddenly big update.

chain in order to talk about the standard of Shanghai Longfeng effect

1: buy links to rational choice


1 is now the most popular demand, especially the purchase link group, 80% of the website is to Shanghai dragon. Do exchange links, it is mostly in order to improve the PR value.

if the Google PR is not updated, the second reason is not the value of existence, some time ago because the less the second reasons, many websites are too lazy to go to the exchange and purchase links, so that the link exchange market deserted lot. As for why so many people are keen to improve the PR value of the site, you can read an article I wrote before. The true value of the PR value of the PR value maximum effect: 贵族宝贝muchangqing贵族宝贝/post/207.html actually has not only in the standard to judge the weight of the Google.

although the PR value update, but does not affect me to write this article, this article will share with you, in my eyes, how to judge a link quality standard, and more effective to exchange and purchase links. Finally, to discuss whether the PR value of clouds.


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