do not discount on Baiqu insist Shanghai dragon dream

network to make money become a faith

spent a lot of time and energy and money, or nothing

When the

after the end of the video, he told us, leave the email address below, and then send us the tutorial. After I fill in the mailbox, click on the determined, immediately flew into the mail, my mailbox. In fact, it is just for the mailbox, automatically sent to subscribers.

I am a network game enthusiasts, but also on the network and the Internet have a deep interest, I know that the Internet can change the world, but change in the world at the same time, also changed me.

buy a domain name and host ready to open the Wangzhuan trip

went home, is a cool video, then I just click the play, this is as long as the interests of Wangzhuan friends are going to play. Then, he found the Taobao customer which has a lot of money, I do not know what Taobao was off. For a moment and said, Taobao said in a moment, mom. Then, he put the bills this month show us. So inviting.

we have a curious ordinary heart, facing new things with irresistible interest, not to mention the Internet this big watermelon, he brought hitherto unknown world outlook, is convenient, fast, efficient, rapid occupation of every city in the world, and I am the one is a member of the city the.

most of the time, open a website inadvertently, maybe he can change your life, as I am. When I contact the site, also do not know at that time, what is called Shanghai dragon, even the words are what I don’t understand.

then, I turn to watch, said second video, let me set up their own web site, and then buy the domain name address is the address and host address. Then I spent a total of more than 100, buy two of these items. When the domain name 98 host is Hongkong 50. Then he looked at every step of the operation, I also silly to follow him step by step operation. After the website was completed, with a fire blog program, WordPress system. Then, download his mailbox Taobao custom template, I downloaded, after the installation of "eye watering, host plus garbage, directly cause I lost faith, then I find information on what the host quickly fell in love with the sea, Taobao, off the template, then buy the Hongkong host, 150 1G, space, was really cheated like a fool. Also the card room than before. Then, I never give up, always adhere to this Wangzhuan dream.

when I spend a lot of.

contact the Internet source

when I search in Shanghai, the network to make money, I think this is the moment I have changed. Into a liar blog, I also filled with joy. Back then, is how innocent and pure. Now, remember that the Internet is how dark.

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