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Today the author mainly analyzes the new features of

whether your web site keywords ranking rise or fall, to be calm, the more calm and better, so it is easy to see a problem, others improve the keywords ranking, you crazy, this is actually very easy problem, website optimization is a >

6, love Shanghai website optimization or slow sex quality, optimization of Shanghai still need to work slowly, speed is not too fast, fast problem.

4, love Shanghai website optimization pay more attention to the correlation of the chain, which can be from the love of Shanghai launched anti spam measures can be seen, if the chain and the industry Never mind could be seen as spam links, without any effect, there are side effects, love to move to Shanghai to take new measures to combat spam.

recently love Shanghai adjustment is very active, many sites keywords ranking volatility, some sites can be described as a wave on a few times, I have a website, a day at night and ranking, a ranking, now love Shanghai to adjust the basic end, keywords ranking is basically stable, the time adjustment of keywords ranking has both high and low love Shanghai some stations, keywords ranking promotion, weight increase, some station keyword ranking dropped, the weight is reduced, after all, home to ten locations, we compete with each other.

1, website optimization should be more close to nature, but not to the website optimization Website Optimization Website optimization, it is easy to cause excessive, update the article without the rule, it is easy to operate over optimization, title over words, but also easily lead to excessive site optimization, the chain also is such, if the chain is not high quality or the chain no law is very easy to fall right treatment.

2, the new sites included two levels of differentiation, some new sites included the second included, as long as the love of Shanghai submitted and do a few Links soon included, some new sites included is very slow, estimated to be new content quality, high quality content can accelerate the love to the railway station, Shanghai.

3, love Shanghai increased regional keywords ranking, that is to say the website keywords regional priority ranking, it is very common, such as the search "Luoyang site optimization" love Shanghai home on the three Luoyang local website, but is not ranked in the field.

5, station group still has a very prominent role from wallsoo we can see that the station group still plays a very important role, the wallsoo stations, causing the site weight is very high, now wallsoo began adding a lot of column page, do local keyword ranking, every day a lot of traffic guide.

2012 love Shanghai, according to the author’s experience are summarized as follows:

7, on-time, regularly update the content, choose which time, your grasp, evening or morning, or what time is good, as long as the law is good, love Shanghai spider is very diligent, as long as you high quality content, it will be on time to grab.

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