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1. don’t easily trust those hundreds of projects that earn hundreds of days.

Hello, I’m SEO rookie nickname, from Zhejiang. In fact, this name is only recently modified, because over the years, I found that all experts like the name of the rookie, so I also like to install it, although I am not a master.

The popularity of

5. don’t worry about making big money,

this world there is no free lunch, if you see a free training day advertising, best not to go, because you are likely to be marketing, or do not know the circumstances, generally this kind of scam is to sell the new domain name space. I used to think this kind of scam that existed a few years ago should be used now, but I don’t think it still works.

the reason why people cheated, because of greed, do Wangzhuan really do need a day to earn a few hundred years before, need to learn.

mobile Internet has further accelerated the upgrading of the network red industry ecology. The network has entered the stage of content, IP, industrialization and multimedia. With the popularity of social networking, mobile payments, electricity providers and other Internet based services, content creation ability and the power of national commercial operation is activated on the Internet, directly promoted the network upgrade to a red phenomenon from the industry has investment value.

Consulting Group and micro-blog jointly issued the "2016 nets red ecological white paper" referred to as "white paper", the first comprehensive inventory of red industry status quo and net red economic development trend. "White paper" pointed out that, the net red has upgraded from the phenomenon to an economic industry, with short video, live and electricity supplier as the main trend of the net red economy, by investors unprecedented attention.

but in China, this model is still in its infancy. The white paper reveals that only 23.8% of Hong Kong’s networks have signed contracts with brokers. But >

industrialization level, so that the red network industry division of labor is more sophisticated, but also further enhance the net red brand value. "The white paper pointed out that" in reticulocyte development mode and the past extensive, mobile Internet era, organized, professional and commercial team to facilitate the operation to hatch, talent shows itself, mainly engaged in network economy and red content production mainly made of IP and Fang Yingyun.

, which makes professional brokerage firms play a more prominent role in the "red economy". Represented by YouTube’s MCN model in foreign countries, the company created a continuous content production capability under the support of the capital through MCN video aggregator, and realized the business realization. A Ampere Analysis report shows that YouTube’s top 100 MCN views account for 42% of its monthly views, with a total valuation of nearly $10 billion.

I believe that many people are doing this kind of rack, easy to match the pyramid, I also believe that they do at this time at the same time, many people do not know this is mlm. Because MLM people always have the means to explain that they are not mlm. In fact, the definition of network marketing is very simple, is the profit model is not most is to rely on to pull off the assembly line, recharge the software itself is not to earn much money, the most to help you brush the reputation of the shop, I have a dozen Taobao group, I still know this.

I am

2. do not participate in free Wangzhuan training.

from the beginning of the 07 year higher, like many novice now, should say I hope some striking one snag after another, my experience here, can help people take some detours, to prevent being cheated, after all Chinese, many are relying on Wangzhuan deceive money.

from phenomenon to industry, online cash net become important features

3. don’t try to join MLM

4. don’t fantasize about taking you with you.

I do Wangzhuan, I hope to find a teacher to bring their own, do you master, or will you marketing people, or strength is not very strong, but eager to help you, the true master is not going to help you, because there is almost from the novice master the equivalent exchange, with novice exchanges will only waste his time, even let them pay tuition, according to their master time compared with the gains obtained, the basic novice can not afford the tuition, it also gives some pseudo master provides training opportunities for you to earn money, only to new cheat money.

becomes an industry with the net red, become popular through the network, and realize the realization on the net, become the important characteristic of the net red. The Internet is the product of the Internet’s appeal to the mass culture of the times. The net red epidemic is the result of technological progress, mass demand upgrading, commercial ecology active and "Pan entertainment" social atmosphere and other factors. At present, the net red competition mainly concentrated in the value of Yan, content, team and production capabilities of four aspects, video, live broadcast and electricity providers are the three major trends in the development of red network.

is generally a project can earn 100 a day, then buy this project at least 2000, you can buy, if less than this price, or you can buy 50 yuan, it is several hand transfer, basically it is difficult to make money, even to make money it is not much.

pointed out in the white paper that before the net red phenomenon, it experienced three stages of development: anonymous community, grassroots red star and script hand. In the anonymous community and grassroots Reds stage, net red mainly by publishing high-quality content to gain influence. The emergence of social networking, so that the script hand become net red main, began to fans precipitation, marketing content has become diversified.

In the early days of

social media is "popular" main channel, spread become realizable premise

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