Hu Peibin Learn 20 mistakes of the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

fourth, Sitte: Web page is not the first is the site is down right

The weight of Fifth,

sixth, the value of Shanghai’s love can query

for an old website will not modify a title itself is too large, for example, an old site had 90 points deducted 10 points then change the title after he and 80 points for a new station will be traumatized, so in the beginning to take the title, site planning to change easily.

Here the This view is >

here first to correct is whether the site is down right on the website home page is not the first to determine this is wrong, but once the website is down right home page will be in the first place, but not in the first place cannot indicate that the site is down right. The core standard whether the site is down right is the recent general keywords began to decline and this is one of the most direct judgment standard. Second, the entire site from search engines to the less flow, the other is used as auxiliary reference standard, not only can judge site is down right.

here I want to deny this view, network users many Webmaster Tools query tool gives a love Shanghai weight value that is not true love, Shanghai itself is not recognized, love Shanghai algorithm is highly confidential, weight knowledge webmaster tools check out for themselves to attract traffic out of adjustment. Google’s data is very vague.

First, the

keyword density is indeed contribute to the keywords ranking but there are often a lot of people but because of excessive optimization site is down right, because we have the keyword density of keyword stuffing, affect the user experience,

second, frequently modify site title

IDSEM network marketing Hu Peibin today to talk about some just entering the Shanghai Dragon Friends of some common mistakes, because these mistakes once I did, this here is to remind those who just entered the detours.

search engine from the point of view of his for each keyword ranking has a fixed period. Why should a fixed period? Because we both do sitelinks or external links, search engines are subject to change, capture, calculation, adjustment, the whole process, and this process is a cycle. Here we once the website is down right to see why the operation condition of 2-4 weeks. Because it takes time to re calculate. General keywords ranking time is 4-8 weeks and not down the right site in case.


keyword density helps ranking

third, that can get keywords ranking in a very short period of time (1-2 weeks)

seventh, love Shanghai provide backlinks query

ranking is good because doing the bidding

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