How to use a software to do the chain blog marketing help

    each Shanghai dragon ER all know that search optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization engine, station optimization chain construction is we often say. The construction of the chain way has many kinds, for example, the major portals blog to do outside the chain is a common and effective way. The blog, as long as the content does not violate the blog service provider user agreement, generally will not be blocked. Even if the present search engine website on the blog of the weight and reduce a lot, but if your blog is raised, so the effect is very good. From today on how to choose and use a blog platform marketing software to do blog the chain methods and techniques.

blog will not use nofollow, but if the platform outside the chain to do very much damage to the blog itself to it, then these portals will use nofollow blog links in the blog in.

is a good platform for our work, if not find a portal site blog, but are not included, that is equal to the white do. So we do the chain blog, the first thing to do is to choose a good platform. But some friends may not despise not agree with, is to choose the platform? How much. Sina, Sohu, Shanghai, and the world, love space and so on are lined up, but it is not a simple problem, which can be read before an article "let the data, a blog really useless?" but often in simple problems there are so many mistakes. In the selection of the blog platform when we should pay attention to the following questions.

3, blog friends of the chain has no effect on

each have their own blog portal users, we must understand that. For example, Shanghai love space, are young.

2, according to the different search engine site selection of


, how to choose the blog platform

4, note the use of

1, to see whether blog wrote nofollow

Now many

does not have to adapt to your blog portal website optimization, website search engine spiders are each own love to go to the blog platform, such as Sina and Shanghai tend to love love Shanghai space, while Google is love Tianya and Sohu, for example will love a child since the search space of QQ. Therefore, in the optimization, according to the different search engine website needs to choose a different platform, this is a very important thing.

portal blog chain has no effect, like Shanghai Hexun, Sohu space, etc., would like to use this blog to do outside the chain chain is of no use, www.chong贵族宝贝 cautioned that Shanghai Longfeng can do the webmaster tools to check and see if you have the effect before.

blog platform is not the same portal blog The general situation is that the

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