Love Shanghai drop down box is how to play it

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first of all we think about love, why does Shanghai want the drop-down box, there is no doubt that in order to facilitate users to search, when a keyword search, drop-down box appears directly, users don’t have superfluous words, but the drop-down box must be the user wants to search, or even a drop-down box, not the user wants to that is, the user needs. Then the user needs in the following aspects to cash out.

here if you want to do the drop-down box, can love Shanghai know and then make a drop-down box, the benefit of this method is that the cost is very low, but the popular word is relatively difficult, because the same industry in Shanghai also know love, love do know Shanghai adopted the drop-down box, mostly brand word title love Shanghai know the problem.


search for a keyword if your brand word illustrates two problems, first you can brush second keywords, your brand influence in the industry, so how to play the drop-down box, I put my love to collect some information about Shanghai drop-down box play share out today.

love Shanghai

when a user searches for the first word, then the search for the second words, the data directly to the server of love Shanghai, and big data processing, the drop-down box, such as on the map, the first search Jiuwen network, the second network search Jiuwen column, which shows this user it is the demand of network search column, when demand is more, on the show in the drop-down box, in the search process, obviously, the first URL and second URL have obvious change, this is the love of Shanghai in order to record data and use. This time a lot of businesses to take a profit, help to brush the drop-down box, search volume is the brush, but my blog is to provide the tools, the focus is not free, big brush, because the server refresh times, there will be 502, so the number will have to limit the refresh. It is not a big brush.

love Shanghai know is led to the emergence of key reasons why love Shanghai drop-down box, it is because people from the web to find the answer, and then love Shanghai know, so relatively speaking, love Shanghai know that the demand is more heavy, another love Shanghai know through the Aladdin passage ranking. So in the drop-down box basically has advantages, such as the network, how long Wen long heard how to add thumbnails etc. the basic needs of network from Shanghai know the answer of love.


search volume

news sources reported by the drop-down box cost is relatively high, but the effect is very good, a lot of large industry words will appear droplist, but news sources have timeliness, so the drop-down box time is not very long, so most people do not report the drop-down box with the news source, but not because of one or two news sources the report appeared in the drop-down box, it is not recommended to use.

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