How to build a massive long tail keyword Thesaurus

two, expand access to massive

platform is mainly concerned with these users on what

Development method of

6. extension method such as our brand word, how can be extended for a certain brand products

5. users thought development method: this method is widely applicable industry, consider the search ideas, such as user: where, where is the best and cheapest, and how these users love with words.


7. extension method comparing US and our competitors, such as A and B

1. love Shanghai promotion assistant backstage recommended keywords

4. development occupation Law: for example, cervical spondylosis, to expand the driver how to prevent cervical spondylosis, how to prevent cervical spondylosis


also includes love Shanghai collection, promotion assistant industry top ten sites, as well as the enterprise customer service feedback


1. love Shanghai drop-down box, search, after word tools use


mid long tail keywords operation is what we do, we need to search a lot of long tail keywords to further enhance our traffic and conversion rates, but also for our brand influence and credibility of a consolidated, today to share some amount of sea keyword search strategy and how to develop the keyword table.

here are some long tail keywords expansion method

for collection of many owners have been Qingjushulu, mainly through the following ways to collect

collected by the above two points are our industry users are most concerned about the main keywords and search frequently, the number of key words and not too much, and often there is fierce competition, we need to expand through the method of putting these keywords through different ways to expand, get massive keywords.

3. season: season extension method extension method is more specific to the medical industry, such as diabetes, diabetes can expand the autumn attention, what to eat in winter in diabetic patients

9. user search intention to expand: such as "blood pressure" is the target keywords, "I want to lower blood pressure, the blood pressure lowering what medicine to eat" these words is to expand through the user’s search intention.

8. to love Shanghai know, Search ask for Q & a platform to search for the user’s attention to expand

?Keywords: Keywords: ask which is better?

10. method to expand the quality of products, features and functions: to expand keywords > according to the product of the three characteristics

2. region: Ji’nan testing machine, testing machine, Chongqing test machine, Sichuan test machine

, a collection of keywordsKeywords

2. is concerned about the industry site, platform, blog, forum

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