Analysis of the causes of love Shanghai snapshot


1, the server cannot open or unstable

today I put how to restore the snapshot of experience to share with everyone, I hope to have a similar situation to help a friend, a reference to write the summary of the author’s experience, as soon as possible out of the snapshot. The most likely cause of snapshot from high to low are as follows.

These included

snapshot may be a warning, if the server does not solve the problem as soon as possible, it may not reduce the degree of collection, the chain greatly reduced, serious direct K station. In fact, this is understandable, as the love of spiders in Shanghai came to our station on time, he wanted to grab the latest data, the website does not open, what also didn’t catch, do not know the site now, so I used the previous data, using the data of natural snapshot.

Tianbi according to the usual habit of checking the website, the website ranking, the results suddenly dumbfounded, answer twenty days snapshot. To June 9th, before the basic snapshot is updated every day, suddenly snapshot means big problems, no keywords ranking, suddenly think of the site is down right, but domain and site home page is the first, that is not serious. After the snapshot a week of hard work, finally returned to normal, the website included very quickly, snapshot of the problem can be solved.

server factor is the most important snapshot, the station is the server fails, the site can not access by more than a day, is so specific, the day the website cannot open, which is second days, yesterday snapshot normal, third snapshot. Love is the law of Shanghai, the two station is the case.

I did an experiment really respect the reasons in this regard, the author suggests that the site title try not to modify, if must be modified, a modification is better than a few small changes, is before the amendment should be fully considered, as a change in place.

2, modify the site title or site keywords caused by

if you modify the site title after every two days snapshot, the reason is very obvious, is to modify the site title by. In fact, this is normal, you modify the site title, love Shanghai to review your station, in the audit period to keep the original content snapshot is will soon recover, time and website weight and Title Related amendments.

often change the keywords and keyword density may also cause the snapshot, some Adsense website before the line did not consider good keywords, the choice of keywords overheating, competition pressure is too large, too cold no one click. This is when they replace keywords, love Shanghai spiders in time, change the keywords is too large, the spiders do not know what to do, think that changing the theme, and snapshot, site is down right. This is not to say that words cannot be modified, but as far as possible in one step, as little as possible to modify keywords since changes to update the >

The author thinks that the

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