Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis teach you whether the site is detection of punishment

Four, check the site log

you may feel strange, nature is the one and only thing on your own website, so in the absence of any competition under the condition of nature is the first, if you are smart, it is the truth, if these are not in the first row, it means that your site is to some form of punishment. Such as: your phone number, email address, registration number, address and so on, I believe that these will be your website on the one and only text, use it to detect whether be punished? A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team believe that will give you an accurate answer, because we are in this way to the customer site the diagnosis, detection of whether the site is down right, being punished.


general website to website will be the best, the highest weight, if the search site name in the search engine is not the first, not your official website, it may be punished by search engine, imagine the site name is your brand, when a website in the search engine are removed from the case, the nature is to be punished, if it is the name of the company, imagine, returned in the search time is not the official website, but that of the other nature that your site is down right, being punished, after all the name of a website or the name of a company basically is the one and only, without competition is not in the first, it is by the natural search engine punishment.

three, the one and only text search site

, a SITE instruction search site domain name

website is punished It is quite common for things, but unfortunately there are still many webmaster for a time unable to determine whether a site’s search engine punishment, this is a normal thing, after all, search engine punishment is not so easy to detect, and not just from the site keywords ranking drop, flow down that web search the engine punished, this is very one-sided, because there may be other website to strengthen the Shanghai dragon, or the weight of the external links down, or is a stronger opponent to join the competition, these are likely to cause the website keywords ranking drop below A5, Shanghai dragon group to tell you the diagnosis and optimization how to detect

if SITE does not return any search page, can not find any results, it is enough to prove that the site was punished, but was deleted, serious punishment at the same time, you should consider is to let go, rather than waiting for it to come back, if you insist, the website content is very valuable then, estimated to wait for a long time, back the possibility is very small, if so, then you should let go as early as possible, to do a new.

believe that many webmaster have to view the web log habits. As for why the study on Web log that the webmaster.

search engine punishment? The name

two, to see whether the search site name in the first

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