For the new owners how effective do the chain


can now link the forum is less and less, some forum resources published online, because too many people to do outside the chain, most forum close links, or nofollow, the forum has become a scarce resource link. So the veterans will not easily share their accumulation of hard work of the forum, we need to dig, experiment, and record down, slowly accumulated for their own resources.

forum, classified information network is the webmaster often go to a place to send the chain. Now this kind of website, 58 city and Ganji, people network, to 114, the weight of the good, the information posted up will soon be included, but if the information is illegal, will soon be deleted, so the information must be to the point, don’t put in the wrong category, according to each the requirement of each site, otherwise it will be deleted, it is not up to us to stay outside the chain.

, a forum outside the chain of

The soft

as long as there is a little Shanghai basic knowledge of dragon and Phoenix webmaster know, the chain is very important, but to just contact Shanghai dragon new Adsense, although online reading a lot of information, but some methods did not seem practical, or not suitable for their own, so the specific new Adsense how to do the chain?


is always Shanghai dragon is very good method, a good soft Wen, can be circulated on the Internet a few years or even longer, and will be widely disseminated, so, as long as there is a little writing webmaster, it must adhere to write text.

classification information network

In addition to

beginners generally start from the beginning of the forum, relatively simple. The forum is generally two ways, one is here, the chain through the signature text links or anchor text; the other is to post the article directly outside the chain, at the same time signature also has a link.

general webmaster will keep information in secondary trading, dating, job recruitment sector, insurance comparison is not easy to be deleted, but a little more advanced practice, popular articles to find the relevant content of the site, the revised information on the front, followed by the product or service information, the equivalent of with a soft, the advantage of this is that article itself is easy to disseminate, relatively easy to turn on. For example, a sweater chain wholesale information, first put attention on a wholesale sweater chain, related articles or web portal in the best new sweater chain trend, slightly modified some content, add text and information. At present, there are many small classified information network, every day they will take the initiative to go to the station on the PA information, if it is to attract the information, they are certainly easier to transmit to your own website.

three, the original soft

not found related to the Web Forum resources before you can start from the webmaster forum to start, laggards, push, push 28, PHPWIND can be linked, but also have good weight.

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