Take you into the world see Shanghai dragon mini small details


domain name, the three name without exception, are included in the Shanghai dragon this subject. And then look down from the domain name, a directory, a top, a prefix of WWW.


to share Shanghai dragon skills have been a week, of course, I did not forget the last promise, this will give you the key success of Shanghai dragon circles the three greatest websites.

details: the title, domain name and other

if you don’t understand the domain name sort, please follow the Shanghai dragon why and Shanghai dragon Zac, the two Shanghai dragon industry chiefs, chose Shanghai dragon will agree without prior without previous consultation over other words before practice.

we all know, no matter how love Shanghai situation changes, as the three Dean of Shanghai Longfeng community is the basic stand, although sometimes ranking fluctuations, but in the end they can reverse the situation, come back, now we have to look at what is their secret. In Shanghai many quarrels when Shanghai dragon dragon and Phoenix Er chain in the chain a lot of resources, I personally think, Shanghai dragon fight is not competition of family background, little details. We talk about the picture above:


further observation you will find that the domain name is included in the Shanghai dragon in the subject position of the Shanghai dragon why and the Zac are appeared in 4 characters, BSG after appearing in the fifth characters, has been compared to the other two domain name on a character, if BSG chose the prefix WWW, relative Shanghai dragon in the domain of more rearward position.

whether it is in the form of two directory or the prefix WWW, we are more common, and are second more offbeat. When the Dean are never keen on non mainstream, BSG why choose such a non mainstream way to appear in front of you

Since the last

finally see the share, the last time I follow the views of love Shanghai share not ranking the influence, but have little to say, this does increase the striking degree, on the same screen if it can stimulate users to click on you, so you can add, and if you do love Shanghai certain optimization remember to add is baidushare.

look at the title, either why or Zac in Shanghai, the title and description, as far as possible the subject at the top position. The second is an offbeat, offbeat will also see, then she slowly analysis.

didn’t see what the basic snapshot, is a week, for this reason we all know, Shanghai dragon why and BSG home all the year does not increase or decrease of a character, but the interior is unusually active, Zac is updated every eight hundred years, this is the hot cold. As long as the site is strong and healthy living, the dead have little effect.

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