Talk about love Shanghai guide 2 bring me new insights

: a web page is a web search engine for windows, if this window is composed of flash, Javascript, pictures, the love of Shanghai will not be able to more in-depth understanding of this website, including grab and included web pages. If a site is not to flash, these pictures, Javascript, love Shanghai also put forward their suggestions: make a text version, and a link to the website home page.


how to choose cheap and easy to use web site space or server


the bread crumbs navigation requirements, avoid the use of pictures, JS or Flash file, this "love Shanghai guide 2" put forward again, not only can greatly improve the user experience, also can make the search engine positioning of the web page on the site in the hierarchy.


for a long time did not write the Shanghai dragon, the hand was also abandoned, blog recently, want to pick up and start again, really do not want to give up Shanghai, this road, Wang Shifan started from 2010 to July, is now almost 3 years, with the love of Shanghai constantly update and change, make a lot of Shanghai dragon people are in transition or give up. Not long ago, wrote a sentence by Shanghai dragon Transformation: people who present too many people are looking for the transformation of Shanghai dragon opportunity, hope can put aside and the Shanghai dragon industry completely, in fact, this transformation is a kind of escape, but not for their own ascension, facing all kinds of love Shanghai change let us, Shanghai Dragon Technology return to nature, and not the black hat cheating edge.


3. what kind of website home page, search engines love Shanghai more love

how to make their own technology is really planning Shanghai dragon, Shanghai official close to love? There is only one way: "love Shanghai Study Guide 2", for each reading all the time, then these gains applied to daily work. Next, share Wang Shifan read "love Shanghai guide 2" feeling.


answer: don’t cheap, buy web space on the choice of brand space, professional staff and maintenance.

(1) important content (such as service content, service price, service range) in the front page or a category page has a link to, a convenient search engine grab included, on the other hand to make the website the user can quickly query, but also improve a user experience.

(2) > content and update

1. is not com, CN, net and other common domain name search engine more love

4. on the structure of the site construction, we need to pay attention to the details of what, or what, the traditional approach to update

search engine alike, can only say com, CN, net domain name suffixes can reduce the cost of trust website users.

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