To examine their views and behavior of Shanghai Dragon

ZAC: links, content is right. But the next two years in the skills of the less the better. For example, how to write the best title and so on, it will lower the value of. Someone asked H1/H2 how to set like, this skill to do as little as possible. In fact, after several years of skills do better, as for friends of the chain, such as exchange links. At first I do stand is to do a lot of links, will improve the ranking. But now, do more links will have more effect, there will be side effects. So, in the last two years, if these things do many will have side effects, this year has already begun. For example, the footer on who design, let others use your template, this link in two or three years ago is still very good. In fact, now this template link began to have signs of being factors of cheating. So if Shanghai Longfeng, optimization technology on the 60%~70% can do almost the same, mainly do the content on the page, the weight of technology in the future will be more > algorithm inside the

2, the user experience, the future of Shanghai dragon

ZAC: so many years to do this a line of business, do most is to rely on interest, not only to make money, in order to achieve the goal of what. I am now more than 40, working for 20 years, if you don’t love a business, it is difficult to go on. Although not many blogs, but love to see others updated blog, I subscribe to the blog now has more than 200. So I love Shanghai Longfeng, exactly is love Shanghai dragon knowledge dissemination. I do now is to realize a dream, you do a website can attract a lot of attention to what you say, this is a kind of communication. So ask yourself, in the next 20 years, you are not really love Shanghai Longfeng, if continue to love, not love not entangled in this industry. Don’t complain about the search engine K my station, in fact, SE did not owe us what not to say, we must give the traffic, so do Shanghai dragon must put yourself in the mentality. Do their part, K has no solution, to make a stand, not because of a station is K, engage in a bad mood, it is not good.

1, a Shanghai dragon understanding

is an industry practitioners, regardless of any stage of growth in the industry, the industry must always examine their ideas and actions. Shanghai dragon can not be separated from the constant rule. A Shanghai dragon only constantly adapt to the change of the ER search engine, in order to make their own peace of mind, happy.

here are some excerpts of October 22, 2012 ZAC transcripts of interviews:

now do Shanghai dragon can be said that almost no one does not know ZAC home, some words as a pioneer of domestic Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon knowledge preacher and disseminator let us use ZAC to interpret a ER Shanghai dragon how their views and behavior of Shanghai longfeng.

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