The site diagnosis optimization series two the chain mode of Pinus tabulaeformis network

many friends to ask, how to exchange Links? Links, on the Internet every day there are tens of thousands of people in the exchange, including the author also constantly exchange friendship link exchange friendship, actually, can participate in the Links group, or the exchange in the usual master Quan Zi, I Links exchange, are their own friends, such exchanges more comfortable and familiar people are not afraid of black hat he will do or do some unfriendly and

of course there are many places to do anchor text, but the writing is good, to do A5 forum anchor text, anchor text is also possible, so in order to play the role of high quality.

, Links and anchor text is outside the chain of high quality

is not difficult to understand, Links and anchor text is what we do in Shanghai dragon, an important factor in website ranking, we must understand this concept, and this is the Shanghai Longfeng work friends, must be thinking.

written today, is a good anchor text, you can see the source of this article is not! After you can click on to this site to my friend

keep up with a piece of content, is the same, to find can do the anchor text, rather than a pure text, not much value


2. external links to the source domain name number


my friend, let me take this website to his analysis, showed no signs of the website do external links, then how to do external links? External links should pay attention to what the problem?

, of course, a lot of popularity very large text outside the chain, but also can go to do something right, such as the Shanghai love space.

this article is written about the vertical segments of the site – the pine network, this friend, hope I give him to share some of the chain, then take this article, let more Shanghai dragon Er novice, you can learn to love friends, can take, not love friends that can be directly below the twins! Began to enter the topic today:

1. external link anchor text

2.This article

How to exchange Links

Hello, front wrote an article "site optimization diagnosis series one: Taiyuan move nets", soon passed, and this website ranking just have good results! Many attracted over for Zhu Weikun to ask some friends after diagnosis, about the problem of the chain, the ranking of a website Shanghai dragon or diagnosis, chain plays a very big factor.

so, this title can do about the station link, I like many forums, do very well, this time, he said he wanted to take his new station.

! The

two, external links and links to the total use of

!How do anchor text

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