On 2016 the occupation of the Shanghai dragon decide on what path to follow

from 14 to 16 years, more and more people are engaged in Shanghai dragon in this industry, but recently this period of time, every optimization personnel are in a nightmare, can be said that most people complain incessantly, even more miserable, N website keywords, overnight, all 100+, once ranking once the weight, once the flow, once the customer consultation, all returned to the primitive tribe, no one cares. It can be said that in 2011 Jining road from the website optimization service, feel the baidu algorithm changes the most powerful one. Facing the twinkling of an eye full disappearance of the rankings, despite the advantages of bald overnight worry most people exaggerate the situation is similar, I even more in the QQ group to see our complaints, company officials said, to the end of the month keyword ranking doesn’t recover, can dissolve the network part.

1, 100 less than the website, many keywords directly re shuffle, the original page ranking perhaps the first few pages of the website, simply disappear altogether, instead of once it is difficult to see the website.

so, in this miserable situation contrast, as the site optimization of the staff of the


recalls Baidu ranking since May 16th:

ranking is not stable to this in the "Jining site construction" keyword search results in significant contrast, perhaps Jining counterparts are compared to find the home page ranking attention, many IP, led to the recent Baidu index rising trend, resulting in the sensitivity of the search engine, and then usually feel a second you click on a new website to check the basic situation. The next second, rewrite, the website ranking or not, or is reduced.


now abandoned, turned to do other, simply admit defeat in this occupation.

3 Update protection website, can not bring up ranking. This, many of my friends are feeling every day, protect the site, your hard work, and is not proportional to the ranking, on the contrary, you update the contents of today, tomorrow to check the situation instead of keyword ranking brush, reduce.

Jining road that must insist on looking for the breakthrough, optimization still needs to do, this time, more than once to simple, do not need so.

once, baidu announced the concept of expected web content generated, expect high quality web content is recommended to the user. Today, what Baidu once again generated content, even if you don’t catch a cold, high quality measurement, the website weight can not be the same waste. On the contrary, you even waste articles, into high quality channels, is lame inside general. For example, the Sohu with seasoned blog from the media, can find in the baidu page may appear in the news search inside the key top.

can say that this time the algorithm’s response mechanisms, particularly sensitive.

practitioners, decide on what path to follow?

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