Legxn how to do the site within the chain of Shanghai Dragon

5-10 article about the keyword articles to optimize, pay attention to the title of the article, the keyword appears. If the flow is relatively small, can use 1-2 to optimize the article. Explain, master key can also be used to optimize the article, to master Title keyword as the contents of the article is also a good choice, after testing, the effect is still there.

4, article appear column key words and chain to column

second, in the long tail of the key word, to establish a long term record, record the different different column links to articles, while other columns write long tail word article, when the other long tail word chain in the past.

1, the title of the article appeared in the keyword

7, to do, to adjust the good state of mind

example: if you have three target keywords A

is the first to increase the target page keyword density, this can be optimized through the navigation bar, for example, your keyword is A, it can appear in the column page column name of this keyword. If there are three key words A, B, C, will share proportion of these three words, OK. The proportion of 4:3:3 is generally better.

, B, C

then how to optimize the main target key word

6, every day, at least one original

5, keyword hyperlinks generally appear in the head, tail three parts

2, the article repeated the keyword

on the site within the chain to do the title, I do share some of Shanghai dragon in the chain, and they hope to help you!


again: at the bottom of the site where the copyright, increase the station link keywords, which is at the bottom of ABC OK to increase keyword hyperlinks, about how to optimize the long tail keywords? First of all, you have to go through the Baidu Index Analysis of your website that long tail word is a flow, my approach is about 40 or so list of long tail the word flow, and then sort, if the traffic is relatively large, I will use

long tail keywords are: D, E, F, G

: then when you write, in every article appeared in a host of target keywords and link to the home page. If you have a website, B, A C three keywords, only one chain closed word A or B or C and chain to the home page is enough, not all key words are main ABC chain to the home page, so I don’t feel good, and I didn’t feel the need to.

Summary: Update

3, the other columns of the naturally occurring keywords, and add links, links to other articles (let website links to form a chain network)

internal optimization:


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