How to make your article is reproduced by more people

response can be started from the hot concern, is a book, a movie, a hot event, as long as everyone is concerned that can be used to guide.

? response

two, the article was reproduced on


we as a webmaster, hard to write, is to let more people like, let more people know us, but now is not so easy, why? Because you did not have the law. I know a friend, he is not a celebrity, but now he’s blog, a lot of attention. Which article one hundred or two hundred reprint. I summed up his writing method, we share

3, the output value (the conclusion tell)

we write an article, there is a central idea, want to express an opinion, such as the theme, is that I want to share good writing skills, you see how I started the rumor. Because this is the submission, see most of the people who are owners, so I wrote the article from the webmaster to guide, led, article reprint enough because we are all writing skills, and then share a writing skill of my friend.



framework should be clear, in order to express a theme, generally divided into three steps of

how to make your article is reproduced by more people

framework, thereview also used hot topic of concern to everybody, when it is the topic description, imagery, your conclusion, your output value is also very unique, it is a high quality paper, so hi >


in this article, the input value is to analyze the technique of writing, as I said earlier, the article first constructed by the skeleton, and depicts the topic, the introduction, writing skills to tell you. We wrote a specific framework clearly write an article what is the

The good idea of topic descriptionIn this The

, the organization must clear

, I can write the webmaster hard, this kind of situation, and no attention to describe, when describing this topic, there must be a sense of the picture. For example, I as a webmaster, at thirty degrees at room temperature, such as the fingers on the keyboard on the more than 1500 words, wiped the sweat on the head, long out of breath. Copy and paste to the owners of the house to release the entrance, disturbed waiting for home owners work of the audit staff, I pray in my heart that must pass ah. Must pass, in a moment by the I sigh. I finally passed and finally to play the three drops of sweat flow out, the result is that beyond all expectations since there is no reprint, no one pays attention to the loss that appear on the face, I want to change this situation, how to learn expert?. And then directly led to this article starts.

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