n the face of more and more Shanghai dragon training institutions we decide on what path to follow

want to know when everyone is not the development time is between friends, have a very close relationship, then another Links others will not because your website is too poor and not for you, or in your website when you need help, they will give you a helping hand to help you through.

is now the face of more and more on the market of the Shanghai dragon training organization, so many new Adsense is very headache, do not know how to choose from. For example, we are very familiar with the Shanghai dragon why, only from the Shanghai dragon training on fishing a lot of money, like A5 ah, ah, love station sites are now slowly began to Shanghai dragon training direction, quite a lot of money charges. Even I myself two years ago and I really wish friends co founded Shanghai Longfeng akhan teaching platform.

in Shanghai dragon training class, its purpose is sure to learn Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, so these second points will appear logical here. But at this time of each training platform given way, began a slightly different, the focus is different, but no matter how it changed its basic structure will not change, so I personally think that learning basic knowledge is very important.

, a condensed network, create atmosphere

maybe you as a webmaster on time is not very abundant, not very good understanding of the latest industry trends, but through you to join these training platform in their QQ group or other means of communication, you can easily get the latest trends such as the Shanghai dragon, today launched a search engine Scindapsus algorithm 3, then you probably know it immediately, but if you don’t have to join these things, you may be missed, leading to site is down right or K stand. Of course, even if you do not join the training class, as long as you.

said I had not participated in the normal training what Shanghai Longfeng, basically rely on practice, experience, exchange books, constantly enrich their knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, this process is very long, so it is not suitable for all people. Plus I have always considered Shanghai dragon although the technology is very notable, but need to pay attention to should be the implementation of resources and accumulation, so you learn what Shanghai dragon is holding what kind of a learning state which is very important, and I also summarized the following learning attitude:

want to put this point in the first row, mainly because I think for the study of Shanghai Longfeng the biggest harvest is not knowledge, but should is contacts. With you to learn these friends, can be said to be the hope in the development of a website, the website now perhaps they don’t do so well, but according to the 28 law of the eternal, there will always be a small part of the people will succeed, and this is contacts.

two, learn knowledge, strengthen the skills of

three, master the dynamic understanding of the industry,

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