Talk about how to deal with the repeated keyword bidding account

if no precise flow of words, why lower ranking phrase

when you phrase matching keywords quality is low, timely to expand keywords and click on the show, but in the trigger price is not accurate, click on the high ranked higher, time did not appear this, another point of our thinking, quality is not the same, in the same position is not bid no, the problem is that you are directly put into exact phrases, ranking unchanged, or in addition to add a keyword phrase to accurately set the low bid relative to the analysis here, we combined with the previous matching trigger conditions, combined with the influencing factors of quality, by considering the three factors that influence the quality of that is not necessary to use a precise high ranking, a phrase or a low ranking

so, in the phrase match relative to the exact match in the show range increased by at least one times.



is also a keyword in the account at the same time to promote, with a precise one phrase, here I would like to ask a question, do the bidding is not more than 80% of the ideas are: high precision low ranking, ranking


for example, the same two words in the accounts, an exact phrase, if the exact matching keywords in promotion of higher ranking did not click, but the phrase at a relatively low position there are many hits, so what are we doing good, improve the surface show improved keywords hits, but what is a disadvantage, the degree of competition in the same keywords, your ranking in the lower position, the quality is not low

for account repetition is a common problem, each bid practitioners will encounter, here is our answer to this problem


, >, > wide; phrase; an exact match, but don’t forget to consider the quality of


the result is to do a lot of useless, useless, for some time, then focus on the time will be reduced, we do the bidding I have repeatedly stressed that the core, key, key

, accurate trigger condition is the same when the search words and key words completely consistent, creative ability;

first said not repeat, we look at the matching mode:


phrase match trigger condition is included, inserted and reversed, and support the synonym matching.

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