Some views on the love of Shanghai to talk about something that the original project


first, please make clear on the survival of the site and love Shanghai love Shanghai does not rely on the survival of the site. That is to say there are some web traffic and not through the love of Shanghai in the search keywords, and they don’t care about what Shanghai dragon and sem. They are a part of the original site is thought, for the user experience and user needs to build, the user enters the site feel good through word-of-mouth to continuously expand the user group; there is also a part of the site is through other non search channels for the user to know, forming an impression for a long time to use more and more users, such as the browser software implant, implant, site navigation display; there are some websites through offline promotion for users familiar, as early as the campus network, now the group purchase website. So, in fact, there are still a lot of website is not need to rely on the survival of the Shanghai love, whether these sites with original content of love Shanghai did not. Look at taobao贵族宝贝 simply use the robots.txt shield love Shanghai, but still is the world’s top 20 websites alexa. I only say that Shanghai’s original project is for survival in love under the Shanghai system website.

launched the "pomegranate algorithm" announcement in May 16th at the same time love Shanghai, love Shanghai stationmaster Institute also issued a "talk about the original project that" the article is mainly about the love of Shanghai against site acquisition overflowing to encourage original content, the original author, sorting and reasonable for the original flow. Love Hisense pledged to adhere to the recognition of the original road, even at the cost of a project team to fight a protracted war. In this regard, I certainly whole-heartedly agree, only the original recognition path is not easy, and may even be derived from more and more. I hereby put forward some questions, and puts forward some views on the problems faced by the original project.

third, recognition of love Shanghai "the origin of the original recognition algorithm of the original article how accurate? Look at the" origin "algorithm said:" first of all, to the original acquisition and polymerization by content similarity, the similar pages together as the original identification of the candidate set; secondly, the collection of the original candidate. The author, published, links, user reviews, and the history of the original author site, forwarding >

second, there are a large number of mutual acquisition mutual reproduced high weight website live in love under the Shanghai system, love Shanghai how to hit? Had been bashed sites in the case of Google, before there have been some Chinese website cheating, then reduced by Google PR situation. But love Shanghai to big website has allowed much before a site in the "green" algorithm after the line is still buying hundreds of friends of the chain, observed the site a few months even a little sign right down No. Do not know is love Shanghai algorithm, love Shanghai is on site helpless. Ask now large domestic information portal how many news content is not the same? Love Shanghai deweight to these sites

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