The enterprise website optimization need absolute attention outside the chain of quality

blog, this would be more trouble, to the whole content, otherwise, the role of anti

must pay attention to the quality of each link, because the search more call spam links, this sincere in the chain: about search engine spam links cares more about a text is mentioned. Of course, in all sites have such a situation, just feel sincere performance in enterprise site is more obvious. Believe friends also feel this way.

for enterprise site, do the above four points is enough, hard to do each one, may be more trouble, but it is good outside chain. Many people may say there are forums, comments, messages and so on, sincere advice is, how is a enterprise stand, these all don’t do, or do less. Most of the time, we see the chain are from the forums, comments, messages, query traces and so on is not related, the reason why many people do so, mainly because these links is very easy, a forum signature can bring 3 to 5 links, too. "

, a B2B, which belongs to the chain of good, I believe we all think.

four, Links, change the function of the link, I do not have to say, but must be related to


two, classified information, related links are generally good.


before the optimization of enterprise products station has several obvious example is: do not optimize the new sites or what but took over when the chain query but 100, according to Cheng Yi own way, the chain rose ranking is gradually increased, can be achieved in a predetermined period; but the old station took over or optimize the station outside the chain, generally in a thousand level, Cheng Yi according to the optimization of their own, the chain rose, included rose and so on, but the ranking is very difficult to achieve the goal, it is indeed difficult, the reason of course exclude inherited right to be reduced and etc.. Although this can not explain the big problem, but at least that much of the chain and, after so many examples, Cheng Yi is the conclusion and think so.


Cheng Yi professional website optimization since the handling of the enterprise product site more than 10, for the enterprise products optimization, the greatest sentiment is: enterprise website optimization need absolute attention outside the chain of quality, why do you say that, the enterprise website optimization ranking does not need too much the chain, at least most of them. As long as we pay attention to good intentions of every link you can.

, that is to say, when not related to a site or the number of spam links, is difficult to achieve the purpose of optimization. This, once up, there is no better way of treatment, was there a way before deleting the link? The best way is to start at one time on the importance of the quality of the chain, the good intentions of every link, not afraid of


general single enterprise product site, Cheng Yi believes that the chain can do several points:

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