Case analysis the title and description of how to match it

2, in the competition to consider keyword placement. The more, the greater the risk. In fact, you put a key words in each, it means that your main keywords ranking time will be delayed. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er love station do a few key words. Put more more unfavorable. Weight distribution is less than.

if there is no brand word, then to the site later, the site of target words will not flow into the brand word, the website traffic has become a fixed flow you, flow changes no longer fear keyword ranking changes.

for example, the Ningbo andrology hospital this station description is okay and attract patients with medical insurance with QQ, many private problems in most of the patients with qq.

1, the first area placed seckill and discount

note: not because of excessive attraction which leads to the title description and text content seriously inconsistent. Typical illegal website

2, which is the content of surprise. You beyond the expectations of users value. But if the site has a picture is very bright, take off. This is considered from the overall perspective of the sensory

2, if almost everyone in the title, the users are forced to choose, as described in the user choice almost achieved a decisive role. Because the description is not the first choice. See the description of the user is forced to choose the.

, a title




1, which can not be no brand title such as "" Ningbo people "a lot of network medical website the local + keywords to do the brand, which is unfavorable for.

: a case of the United States share (1meigo)

1, as described in the website of the web site keywords ranking has no effect, but when the site has been ranked after your description will determine the user’s choice of judgment.

, three, Title Description and content

3, and the content of the text, the title description is to comply with the principle of priority. It is the most important thing that users of the most eye-catching position.


1, title and description of commitments, the content inside completely fulfilled.



title and description, how to do? A lot of Shanghai dragon Er are looking for love in Shanghai ranking rules, including title and description, how to match is one of the key love Shanghai ranking, if the site is a home, this is the title and description of your home key. Today we talk about how to make your title and description,.



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