Hot is not terrible four kinds of advantage discuss popular keywords

search volume, mining user value

this paper emphasizes the importance of popular keywords, but not without a long tail, on the contrary, the use of the most popular word can be derived from a lot of high value of the long tail. Any industry has the same trend. When the popular keyword ranking, from the statistics can clearly see a series of long tail. The most important of these is the long tail user search in, indeed the existence value, we can take these words to organize content, let more users come to the site. I believe this is also a way to master a lot of use. Compared with other means of mining the long tail word, the extension of the long tail word is more targeted, more in line with the user search habits.

in the process of Shanghai dragon, see a lot of friends more and more long tail keywords, increasingly aware of the power of the long tail keywords, I too, but this does not mean do station need to discard the popular keyword. As the main entrance flow of popular keywords, still have very important significance. Today to talk about my experience, discuss four advantages of popular keywords.


is a popular word do not have to worry about the biggest advantage is that the search volume is low, as long as the selection of an industry hot words, every day there will be more traffic through the N search into the site. Next, we can use statistical tools specialized data mining and analysis, calculate what is love, the most emphasis on the user, these contents are common features of what, this is the value orientation of the user. We do is stand in order to meet the needs of users in value, such statistics, will be able to improve and make the relevant guidance. This is very different and do long tail, long tail keywords is our choice of words, and this is provided user selection, through a large number of user behavior, to cater to their favorite. >

is difficult, but make us more specific

difficult problem is put together in front of us, but the difficulty is large and cannot become the barrier of our reason. The general optimization of popular keywords and the number is not much, a website is enough, so it is very easy to let us focus. Find a suitable keywords, strong execution, do hard. No matter from the title, description, to the site itself, even to the color collocation, are to do around the word, so that it reflects the very strong specificity. The search engine is also very easy to determine the theme of the site, which is a positive factor in optimization is very favorable.

traffic capture, high value of the long tail

popular keywords is characterized by high overall search volume, optimization is difficult, low conversion rate and need more resources. So in front of the personal webmaster, popular keywords is tricky. Many simply give the main hot word, long tail and niche market. But on the other hand, these seem inferior characteristics is their advantage. In this paper, from several aspects in detail, if not, please criticism.

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