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first of all, you have to learn some basic HTML code, master domain name registration process, understand the website source code and virtual host knowledge, and to familiarize yourself with website promotion and operation. When your website appears on the Internet and has a certain amount of traffic traffic, you can try to make money through the website.

now do Taobao off a lot of money, but most novice only to earn a few commissions, the reason is very simple: novice indoctrinated the so-called "Internet marketing guru" too much of the wrong idea.

Taobao customer database marketing

products, do the flow seems a bit unrealistic, but it is not to say that not to earn money, from another perspective, if we take the original product to find customers, potential customers into holding data for the product promotion, the effect will be a qualitative change, your Taobao the Commission will fly off promotion promotion.

such as the A5 forums, there are many webmaster with the cash for technical personnel to solve problems every day, the mission area imitation station / site / technology / Art posts are white money, if you will, you can register an account, and then through the A5 and other intermediary transactions.

Taobao customers, what is needed is the turnover rate, is to let customers from pocket to draw out money. This is by no means a simple click rate problem. Of course, click rate will bring you business, but you have to work like a madman to keep your daily website traffic and get several deals. But these poor orders aren’t going to make you any money.

database marketing is relatively weak in obtaining traffic, this approach allows customers to

Although Although

technology here refers to web page production, graphic arts, program code technology, including search engine optimization, network marketing, promotion, etc.. Some people do learn it in college or through self-study. You have technology and you can make money online.

2, making money online by learning the

are you looking ahead, all of the "master" sound the same: you want your website hits, you will earn a lot of money, I think all the novice just entered the Internet marketing, will put the four words flow is king for the gods, the majority of customers Taobao promotion people will think: "if my website can have 5000 hits, only one percent of the purchase rate, there are 50 orders. If you make 50 dollars, then I’ll make 2500. According to this proportion, as long as I can make the click rate up, you can make a lot of money.

site is a good way to make money online, through your site to produce economic benefits, in theory, can be achieved, the specific operation depends on the individual way.

very much in this forum to make money and technical personnel, and the pay is very good, the There are plenty of people who earn thousands of month. As long as willing to endure hardship, technical clearance, with cash to find your people is a wave of wave. You have this technology, by helping others to solve the problem to get a generous commission, is a very good Wangzhuan way.

but that’s the truth. If you believe the biggest lie in online marketing, then the description above is seamless. But what I want to tell you is that "traffic is king", CPS is not feasible at all.

below, let me show you: Taobao customer promotion database marketing

let me be a guest to promote Taobao new ideas to you, of course, not all the people watching me about the way they’re going to do immediately, but as long as people go according to the following method to do, will earn a lot in a very short period of time.

3 makes money on the Internet by doing Witkey

through the web site to make money generally rely on the three ways of advertising, e-commerce and customer service, run a website to generate economic benefits is more complicated for ordinary Internet users, early learning is very necessary. Want to learn to do web site friends, I recommend direct to webmaster navigation, here basically covers the webmaster often go to all sites, including station technology, operation experience, webmaster communication and other types of web site.

the cost of doing a website is relatively low, generally a small website costs hundreds of dollars a year, and if done well, a few hundred dollars a month is entirely possible. In the beginning, don’t hold the idea of getting rich overnight, and make sure the website is good. It’s very nice to make some pocket money.

so called Wangzhuan, so-called money online in the end may not be possible? Promise is certainly possible, but not like those described Wangzhuan site so easy. Everything needs to be done by effort. As long as you remember that you won’t lose your pie, you won’t be fooled. I’m here to list a few ways to make money online, of course, I can’t guarantee that you will make money, but there are many people who earn real money in the following ways.

1, becoming a webmaster, making money online,

no one decided to pay for the first visit to the site. The study showed that even if a potential customer interested in the product, before accessing the product, visit the site 7 times on average. And it’s the premise that you have a great product, a very good reputation, and a very good network marketing model. Remember this fact, although some people do Taobao very well, but if you just see their traffic, you can’t see the essence of the problem. Taobao is different from CPC. We don’t need to click. Taobao is different from CPA. We don’t need to register.

for the following reasons:

Witkey is 06 years later

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