A web site keywords crazy drop thinking

, I found a phenomenon, although the main keyword ranking dropped, but those on the link up keywords did not change, even rise a few. It is puzzling, the chain for the emperor, the keyword ranking is really important.

domnain is not the first? Is not the reason causing the site to drop right, ranking the mad mad out? I, 90% of people think that is a normal phenomenon, some people say there are not similar in the first, the website ranking drop phenomenon. This is not a normal phenomenon? The answer is no..

We all know that

1, see Links, snapshot old, K website was removed. (this is the main reason for the sudden drop right), after the exchange can be regarded as Links certificate.

There is a little !

domain is the site where the domain is the site where the field and scope, which belong to the field. If your site is not indicated in the first website in their field is not the best. You will find in front of some high weight station query often came in your website, this time pay attention, this is the site drop right. Look at your main keywords ranking is not down? Have? Have? Then began to think of ways to make domain host, I mainly take the following measures:

2, the content is to continuously update every day, detection of a sufficient number of articles. Original, original original! Although it is really very tired ~

Included and ranking

first wrote this, let everyone have the effect, this paper from the United States (www.tajianedu贵族宝贝), launched on A5, reproduced please indicate the source and author of

3, the chain is very important, write some own blog, with the primary key.

this time has been entangled in the web site. The ranking has been very difficult to come up, suddenly one day the main site keyword ranking out of sight. From the first page to no shadow. To search the name of the site, even from the first drop to sixth. Analysis of causes of discharge, Links snapshot, snapshots are still relatively new, from reason, original content are confiscated, found domain.

4, quietly waiting for the love of Shanghai big update.

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