From the three aspects of the enterprise site to launch with visitors taste content

for this problem is shown in Figure 1 of the "target", namely the user eventually to what


4: user operation in what to

as shown above, we can see the picture of expression with visitors appetite is nothing more than the contents of around three of the spindle. Are: who is our target audience? We aim to what the user wants? How are you going to meet your target audience? Share her own points of the author on the three aspects in the following.

this is the author of this paper will be key to share, because even though we know our target users, and the quality of the content is also very high, but if can not pass on some of the details of the processing to meet our target user, the effect is not good.

: our target user who is

when we really understand the answers to these four questions, we will have a certain understanding of our target user, when we know our target user can frame the content more in line with their appetite.

for content must break our traditional Chinese writing format, the format changed to more in line with the current Internet fast food culture, "


of all enterprises in the site, the most critical issue in front is to provide to their target users want, because this is not only related to the site of Shanghai Longfeng, also involved in the site’s conversion rate. How to write the contents of visitors with appetite? I think every business owners on this issue have in-depth consideration. There are three points of their own experiences on this issue the author. First of all we have to look at the picture below.


users come to our site to think is to learn professional knowledge about related products? Effect? Understand other value of the product efficacy? Or just purely for entertainment and so we need to be studied. Only truly understand the users want the content to develop more in line with the user’s appetite content.

three: how to meet the target users of your


2: what motivates users to come to our site and buy the product will



1: the background information of the users, such as age, occupation, education, and preferences of

content structureThe author thinks that the structure of ?

two: our goal of what users want


3: This product has what information is of interest to the user


as shown in Figure 1 figure in the product, we can see that in search of our target user when we need to understand the 4 questions:

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