To find the relevant Wikipedia and three skills of the chain


2, punctuation;

statement is not fluent;

two, how to find that this

In 4,

is standing in front of the Internet webmaster elements, has the keen insight and sense of smell, so.

1, typos;



we all know that a lot of product weight love Shanghai is very high, like Shanghai, Shanghai, Post Bar know love love Shanghai encyclopedia. The program can easily leave a link in the three is: love Shanghai love Shanghai Post Bar Encyclopedia > > love Shanghai know that love Shanghai encyclopedia is a good place for the low threshold and is easy to leave a link. May say some Adsense encyclopedia is too difficult to do, so today let me tell you, in fact, encyclopedia not difficult, the key is to grasp several points.

actually I also just pay attention to these, the station is concerned, these language skills should be no problem, so the key is to finish these, we add a link in the extended reading, how to add? Must terms and related news, knowledge quiz, and other articles. If you don’t like this, love Shanghai, and then copy came, and then you know.

, when do encyclopedia there are a few points to pay special attention to:

You are familiar with

many entries have many typos, sometimes it is not fluent in the sentence according to the.

1, clear your industry and keywords;

three, a predicted


3, using Wikipedia to find all relevant tag instructions and tag tag word entries, such as: tag: labor.

then open entry, start editing. In front of the first point method to do. One can do a lot of entries, the general term will be audited within the next 12 hours, will be accomplished, not only can bring us the flow but also can bring us the weight and the chain.


here is the test for all the sense of language, of course these sentences must modify the official, easy to understand, try not to some very popular words.

chain is in the inside of the entries in the sentence, if you find some words you may not understand, then add in the chain, the chain and the method is very simple, here not say more.



is the punctuation, many not standard, it will test your language skills.

2, for your industry and some words such as keyword segmentation you do is legal, such as real estate, marriage, labor contract, these are words we want to find the tag label;

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