The vertical network development to seven women

1. attractive content. Starting from their own, more attractive to women in website content. Pay attention to the related dynamic, such as celebrity gossip, beauty, fashion, sign and so on, grasp the female psychology, arouse their interest. Your content more abundant, timeliness and readability of the higher, female users click on the probability will increase, you win in this fierce competition in chips also increased. Of course, this is the most basic and most important prerequisite. To do this step, even if it is a good beginning.

2. to learn the difference. In the Internet era tell about women, much every kind of information, beauty makeup constellation dazzling, do you want to put all of the information content will all move to your site up? This is certainly not a practical approach. So. We should often focus on Hong Kong and Macao, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea women’s fashion shows and magazines, compare their differences, learn the latest trends in ideas from it, get a fresh female hot topic.

4. should pay attention to the content of scientific and precise. Do all rivers run into sea and careful screening at the same time, should also pay attention to the content of the website scientific and precise. Some sites at the removal of some information about weight loss, which mixed with diet information, unhealthy weight loss, attracted the female friends to try, resulting in adverse consequences. This situation is not exist. The final outcome is the only female friends do not trust on the site, along with a friend told around the rejection of the site, you know, a > ten,

as the main force of online consumption, female customers become the focus of the site. An application is very popular in recent micro-blog’s statistics, you in the past year, Alipay or Taobao and micro-blog in the amount of consumption, in the form of automatic release. The amount of consumption of some female high, most of their income for shopping. Women love shopping and seize the characteristics of good communication, many websites specifically set female special sites offer female channel services for the majority of women.

3. to screening and selection. Based on the comparison of the differences, screening and selection on the contents of. A good female site is not necessarily exhaustive, but should be one or two aspects, choice of women’s issues in so meticulous, seriously, become a leader in this area. This is to achieve the effect of. For example, you can expand the issues around the "beauty", the beauty is divided into many aspects, detailed introduces the usage, the beauty of different applications which most new makeup makeup, etc., to attract the female friend’s eyes.

for a time, the female site developed like a raging fire. Compared with other types of sites, the female site was still in its infancy, the development potential is very big. So obvious to people advantage so many webmasters have joined, want to share. The more time of fierce competition, the more you need to have their own characteristics. Here, I would like to say the seven elements of women’s network development.

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