The use of soft writing to promote Shanghai Dragon technology is a best of both worlds

two, increase site traffic and sales of

brand is not born, but through the packaging and promotion of the day after tomorrow. Many websites or product is through the soft Wen promotion, to others it’s not aware of gradually familiar with. Now we are most familiar with is A5 Chinaz, the owners of these sites, in the webmaster friends new, it has already become a kind of brand; if we want to see the original Shanghai Longfeng article, the first thought is certainly A5, something we want to query the site, such as Links, included, reverse link, the first thought is chinaz. Now, if possible, often to some large sites, such as Sina, Tencent and other platforms to publish articles, virtually can make your website in >

soft Wen obtained with an important role in the Shanghai dragon, a high quality of soft Wen can make the website promotion weight, increase keyword ranking. Promotion of some of the more popular keywords, it only need to release a few soft, others do not do, maybe it will make those keywords ranking up, but the effect is not the only one I feel soft, soft writing can enhance our technology that is Shanghai dragon, write a soft Wen can bring a lot of the chain it can improve our technical knowledge in this area. The first to talk about some simple effects brought to the soft webmaster friends:

, the chain increased to improve the site weight

this is a lot of webmaster friends engage in Shanghai dragon is the most direct purpose, a high quality of soft Wen will be many websites, although many links will be removed, but there are still a lot of quality of webmaster, they will keep your original link. Often some net weights of the high site hair soft, the most obvious is that their web site domain has a straight up, so as to enhance the weight of our web site, let oneself have a good ranking of keywords. Now, every day to A5, Chinaz publish original articles, has become a habit for many webmaster friends, one day does not send the article, they will feel like less of what seems like, write soft can’t consider him as a helpless way, should cultivate their own writing for fun, have interest in him it’s getting.


three, website promotion, build brand

productsThe highest level of soft

is done, the link can also introduce a lot of traffic does not appear in the article, I saw an article in the Phoenix website: "those days" I bring a romance to a happy ending: Fun shop, write some of their own entrepreneurial story, an article in the times to some experience story open sex shop my name is the website that he bring a romance to a happy ending for this article, make their own traffic increase over several times, product sales have leapt. From the marketing point of view, this article is just to site outside the chain than those written quality is much higher, because this product to integrate some thoughts and feelings, according to the product of the article is to build the foundation of sales.

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