Think what is the right way for Shanghai to follow the habit of dragon search engine

Shanghai dragon and no black hat of the white hat, someone once said, now the white hat Shanghai dragon is the black hat left, think about the fact that there is some truth, but also the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng users want to show more is invisible demand.

2. except the ranking, and search flow, but the flow and conversion rate. Explanation: too many Shanghai dragon Er over value ranking and flow, for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, it is very sad. If you are connected to the Shanghai dragon business list, or simply show that the level of Shanghai dragon or test.

anyway, you want to study search engine optimization, don’t take it as a search engine optimization skills, not mathematics, not so much that you carry the formula. Search engine optimization is a website, but the website operation not only search engine optimization. In your every solid footmark in join point is called the optimal instrument, when you walk into success, you will suddenly found: originally this is the Shanghai dragon.

this is the search engine optimization, search engine optimization is not technology, it is found that the implied positive and comprehensive. When we found through positive and made numerous resumes, become free, write and draw freely as one wishes, search engine optimization is still not skill, because of this realm, once is a kind of art.

how many days?Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is on thinking, active thinking and imagination of Shanghai Longfeng SEO talent foundation. Search engine optimization is not Nianye white bump technology specification, because it is not a Kung Fu, no Dan, no kg. Sometimes a rookie card can also let the birds feel a light before.

some people are suspicious, why can I programming such a high aesthetic ability, so strong, but running on the site, in terms of optimization but not those who will only use CMS website of people? If this problem let me answer, my answer is: "the empty cup was filled with water, dry". Search engine optimization or what the rest of it, you have to forget the moment, you do not get.

1. all need patience, patience is a virtue. Analysis: the more time that such problems do encounter, you will suffer no response in case of scorched by the flames. But often a moment as long as you find a patient, quietly looking forward to. For example, love Shanghai, with no snapshot not included no such rather baffling. For example, the chain you also take the time to do, but it is not to see what effect, no patience, good to

what direction?


whether hanging links or collection content, have to follow certain algorithm, and finally the show, but the link is not stable, but also a great harm to the site. But after all, Shanghai dragon or go to a correct road, then the real Shanghai dragon we should have

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