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, a wife who wrote an article on WeChat’s 7 year old husband who suffered unfair share rights, reads 100 thousand +. The wife said in the article, the husband is a game company, 2 employees, with seven years of entrepreneurship, hard work, just take below market wages, in addition to get 1 million at the end of 2014 multi confirmed should be 2 million dividend, does not have any shares in the company before the listing, falling out of negotiations with CEO shares, only to leave the company to cover. Perhaps more than 8000 readers have appreciated the article for sympathy for the co-founder’s miserable experience.

every event, WeChat will be staged Shuabing events, but this thing maxed circle of friends or make me feel strange, after all, is not a equity dispute erupted two times in the business circle. The worst is the real time equity battle eventually led to founder in prison, but because the ownership problem of bulk cargo, tear force is the Internet circle there "to be too numerous to enumerate, instant noodles," "West master" and other cases, since the media circle is a "chief Entertainment Officer" equity dispute, as well as between the "hearsay" operator Feng Dahui and Lilac Garden equity disputes, "this is not the first nor the last time" on the next event on equity disputes is not out of date. And there are reasons to believe that a lot of equity disputes have just been made public. < >

onlookers are views from different angles, and soon ushered in a familiar plot reversal. However, because the CEO has not formally responded, as well as some whistleblowers and media from the chaos, the truth is whirling. However, this did not stop people in the circle of friends in different views on the matter: — this has become the typical development path of WeChat Shuabing events.

and some articles in perspective of CTO to talk about how to be a co-founder of different pit, we more standing in the perspective of founder and entrepreneurial companies, how to avoid the similar incident again.

in April 1st, HP in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel held a "dynamic growth business success" tour, which is following the "real growth enterprise" concept after nearly a year of hosting, HP hope that through this exhibition, it cooperates with the client convey experience. At the conference, HP refined the growth enterprise requirements into 6 adaptive infrastructure and management solutions, and 4 resource solutions, including the integration of IT solutions.

The ideal condition for the />HP

HP reiterated that the integration of IT programs in the entire dynamic importance of growth enterprises, although it is in the basic position, but in order to solve the input and output less more of this contradiction, the most effective way is to reduce complexity of integration or IT infrastructure. Its specific advantages include reducing costs, improving service levels, reducing risks and enhancing flexibility.

automatic growth concept over the past year, HP IT to ensure that enterprises in the integration of benefit. Data show that an international shipping company integrates 20 data centers into 2, saving 10 million euros a year. An American financial institution has replaced 17 servers with 4 HP Superdome servers, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

first is the capital, an integration to achieve the UDC level, and require millions of investment, to emphasize the integration of IT HP can save the cost, this is to save investment allocation calculation in several years.

frequent equity disputes, the ultimate reason is the concept of talent

, in an article on a seven year LIAN story, said the husband was ready to apply again. "What he wanted to do most was online education," he said. "It must be the most promising industry in the future."." And after seeing this article, many online education companies have taken the initiative to the husband an olive branch, including my friends circle of friends, K12 education platform founder Afa Chen Lijiang and co-founder of Wang Qingyuan, Chen Lijiang is a doctor of computer science at the Yale University, has a profound accumulation in artificial intelligence; Wang Qingyuan is the Yale University master MBA, Benz in Boston, Mercedes has 8 years of experience in corporate management consulting, for this I and two Curve Wrecker exchange views.

text / Luo Chao

this is the beginning of 2017, staged "forced seven years LIAN" incident.

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