love the mule love index in Shanghai told us what information

we all know this, love Shanghai index is to tell us how many people are there in a search for a day, from "weight loss drug list", we can see that there are about 1500 people in the search for the word every day for nearly a month, but due to the Spring Festival, there is a downward trend, through the analysis of the for this, we can know if the keywords, to the first row of the site every day will probably get much IP.



believe that every webmaster all know love Shanghai index, will each make a website first love Shanghai keyword index analysis, the number of users per day is only one of the earliest search index in Shanghai, and now Shanghai love Index added a lot of things, so that we can analyze key words better. Most webmasters are looking at a search index, and other information to provide us with the love of Shanghai is blind, which is not very good, then we have to "weight loss drug list" as an example to analyze the index of Shanghai love tell us what important information.

two, related search terms

love Shanghai according to a series of related keywords the keywords that, through this we can get keyword retrieval words related to a large number of valuable, usually when we choose the related long tail word according to the relevant search love Shanghai, search GG, and the love of Shanghai index retrieval words related to comprehensive analysis.

few people will analyze the factors, this is not important, in fact, we look at the distribution map of this area, can be seen from the users search more is Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places. So these things to us what what use? Imagine, if you want to be in the form of soft to promote Taobao customers, then we need to the forum to send text, as we all know, the local forum is of the highest value flow. From this area of distribution, we know which parts of the users to search more weight-loss drug, we can go to the city where the key forums and websites to promote.

Three, the distribution of


we can see from the picture, the male and female ratio is nearly 4:6, this is simply unbelievable things, as we all know, is a woman’s diet pills, the proportion of men and women should have very big disparity compared to normal, why are there so many men to search it, let us look at the occupation distribution, in the first is actually IT, presumably now we all know, search the word most is the webmaster, not the user, because the owners of.

, a user searches for




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