n the face of lost between the chain number forty thousand night watch how respond

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of a lot of people say, do Shanghai dragon are to follow the search engine’s temper to do, if we do the Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster should also make corresponding adjustment of search engine once big update, especially in certain circumstances, the loss of the chain between the night do greatly, this is the most sad thing, because we all know that a little, his former foreign chain efforts with the East, it is useless. Then the face of these chain lost, how to do


believe that every webmaster every day in the chain, are well aware of their chain is to be in what aspects, such as forums, mass, blog, question and answer mode, submitted to the soft and so on. When we lost the chain case, the first time to check whether the collection is reduced, as we all know, now a Shanghai love their own website content as the chain, so that if it is included is reduced, the chain will be reduced naturally. If included not lower, the chain we observe their website immediately, because we all know the chain forms us every day, so we probably can form to observe through the webmaster tools to detect the chain around, so as to make judgments, to see the search engine to which the chain is deleted what, the chain is not stable, which the chain is stable, and then make a summary, and take action, for which love Shanghai recognized outside the chain can strengthen the release, for those deleted, after as much as possible not to do. So you can avoid making the same mistake again later.

in the past observations, many owners once met because the chain loss caused by the website right down, most are not in the chain, to let the author in this website emerge of itself and perish of itself over time, for these owners because the chain of contempt, the loss of a major or from you self. Why do you say that? Everyone should know, if you do every day the chain of words in the work, then the site outside the chain if is lost, so the chain will you do now for the loss of the chain as a complementary form like my site before in time love Shanghai big update day that the site of the chain is strong enough to support the word row >

(a) do not panic, stable mentality, to check their work outside chain.

(two) lost to lose, do not lose to do, rather than do".

often focus on the author to write the webmaster know, between the front one day soon the night lost forty thousand sites outside the chain, so wrote an article called (lost between the chain number forty thousand night is a blessing or a curse?) article to share with you and discuss, so today I want to share with you is in the face of "when I stand outside the chain of earthquake", how I deal with, hoping to help those who are often missing the site outside the chain.

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