How to get a good link link specialist

for the breakthrough point, in fact, we can be very familiar with our website, we understand the site where there is advantage, such as domain name is old, every day there are high quality original content etc.. In communication, these advantages are to tell each other, if the other party refused to change, it can only use said in front of the mentality. And then continue to look for.

again this give up do not give up should not give up, give up

then aiming at these problems, the author give the commissioners after several exchanges, gradually solve these problems

Links exchange is a means of optimization of each Shanghai dragon are indispensable in A5 Er, have seen many have written a good Links importance to the website, so today here about the Links role, how to make the link specialist to get a good

Most of the time to find the door can not find the breakthrough point and cooperationThe breakthrough point is

chat in specialist and links to the door, they found many complaints, such as when I feel can change, the other does not change. The other reason or say too unreasonable. Have a wonderful, the other said link keywords we put no index without changing. Because of these reasons, the commissioners engage in very bad mood. In fact, I want to say is the mentality of the problem, causing you to change link failure.

specialist with our website link is really too much, you like a small portal to go with the A5 website for the same, it is not possible, the specialists think A5 stand to cooperate with him, and the A5 website will not cooperate with you, always lead to the Commissioner a waste of time and energy. There are some links on each other when long time no reply, and no patient commissioners second days continue to track leading to these can change the link and no change to. So want to change to a good

in mind, it was important for each Shanghai dragon, not only in exchange links, other aspects of the same. The people of every hue change link when touched, can not let each think appropriate links will change with you, we can have this attitude, so many links, not sending you a link, if you don’t change your loss. This attitude will not complain, for improving the efficiency of exchange links is very helpful.

link is really difficult!

company recently recruited some Links Commissioner for Links, my request is to find better than us or with our similar links, never change than we poor. Through they found many problems in Links, so to Links specialist were observed. Here I found the problem:

there is no good mentality

here can let the other one is willing to change. The Commissioner in cooperation with each other about the door, when someone says our website where it or is not appropriate, the commissioners will be at a loss what to do. Like two people playing cards, their hands can not find no resistance can be better than the other cards.


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