Shanghai Longfeng layout the layout is an important step in website optimization

content is less, grasp the key highlights

for the content of many sites, most of the website, want to put on the page in the space limited information as much as possible and is not a simple matter. Therefore, a good logical structure is essential. As we all know, the search engine love tree and the flat structure of the website, in fact for the content classification, we can refer to learning. The important content of class sort, summarize, this page will look a lot of fresh. The website can also call a few beautiful pictures, picture below is in accordance with section arrangement which is everything in good order and well arranged, excellent website layout, will let users and search engines love.

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as a whole, to grasp the user search

content, logic structure of ordered


site layout is very important for users, because a good layout allows users to quickly find the information you need, can greatly improve the usability of the website. It is equally important to the search engine, it can let the spider if the shortest time to grab more and more valuable content, therefore, from the two aspects of the layout, obviously can not let down. Today, according to a little of their own experiences, for everyone from three aspects summarized.

content less layout relatively easy, because the content is so much, so in general can be put down. But here there is a policy and guidance, not because the content is not less distinction, to focus on the most important position, and give prominence, for some of the less important things second screen position, so as to effectively guide the user. Some website itself is not much content, when we visit, it is not focused, no guidance, give a person a kind of plain feeling, so the layout is actually a waste of resources. Therefore, the less content site, the core must not be less.

website optimization requires a long process, is accumulated continuously. Now the development of the Internet leads to user search behavior is changing, so the search engine algorithm has been changed, but no matter how to change, there is no denying that, as long as the user experience of the website, the search engine will give enough attention. The site layout is the core in Shanghai dragon in place can’t claim, but it still takes a large proportion, is an important step in the website optimization.

in front of two expounds on the relationship between content and layout, the last two are shared, the layout of CSS floating tips and grasp the whole idea. First, we all know the spider crawling order is from top to bottom, so in the layout, to use the CSS attribute to the floating key content written on it, the spider is more prominent, but for users, not much impact, see also as usual; the two, no matter what the website what logic technology, classification, first of all to let users look comfortable, this is the premise.

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