Shanghai Longfeng optimization should be three ways to teach you how to walk the road of nnovation

many owners think, Shanghai dragon website optimization, just follow the prescribed order, as long as insist for a long time, will be able to succeed, but in terms of site construction and operation, you really need to wait that long? Is not natural, so the site optimization, we must know how to dare to try, try some different optimization methods, of course here. I do not recommend using black hat optimization method, a lot of people know the black hat optimization technique, will increase website ranking quickly, but the black hat tactics, in fact had been used, and now is not belong to the courage, but a weak, because they do not know that only innovation. Know from the optimization guide, mining is not the same as the details, to be brave, this is the real dare for the world first


on the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization and innovation, can not deviate from the principle of the search engine, can not deviate from the search engine to the user experience as to the principle, otherwise you will be punished because of love love Shanghai, Shanghai also has its own user, he needs to grab the site must have a great help to the user otherwise, the user is blasphemy, users do not love love Shanghai, love Shanghai included, naturally without any benefits, like now many owners are very concerned about the search optimization love Shanghai, but not focus on the optimization of Microsoft’s BING search, users only see, it can really make the website a long row ranked in Shanghai love > also home!

for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng, many people found that only rely on content updates, the construction of the chain, has come to a dead end, because the time to update the chain construction to achieve the ultimate, on the website of the Shanghai dragon optimization, it seems the effect is not very good, so what was the cause of the use of traditional Shanghai Longfeng optimization means no effect? Apparently after all to do the same thing, this effect will be severely diluted, eventually come to nothing, only the path of innovation, perhaps can only be successful! Below is to share innovative ideas of Shanghai dragon optimization

: love Shanghai optimization principle, to capture the details of the

we all know love for Shanghai station launched the love Shanghai optimization guide, in the guide, mainly to alert the user to enhance the user experience, from the content of the website and start the chain and so on, these are a very detailed explanation, indeed this for the stationmaster, Shanghai dragon optimization brings great help, of course, at the same time imprisoned webmaster innovation Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking, of course, this optimization guide, if only to understand the contents of the surface, it is difficult to make their optimization become the only through the rise above the common herd, the depth of analysis, from the guide, find the details of the optimization, such as to enhance the user experience of the details, which can greatly help themselves the site optimization, more innovative thinking


three: innovation to have, in violation of the principle of search engine has failed


two: the discovery of new detail and dare to achieve

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