Share the experience of several factors of Shanghai dragon of the site is down right


the current domestic personal web content source mostly collected content from other sites, there are few content is its own original acquisition, if site less okay, at least not so high repeatability, but the domestic personal website is too much, and are released directly without these contents pseudo original. Therefore, the webmaster want to avoid being loved Shanghai website right down, when we update the content in the hair, must adapt to these non original content slightly, even the owners just changed a title, or a paragraph of content are good, as long as not to the original content as like as two peas is not going to be the site. Love Shanghai drop right.

in a certain extent, love Shanghai for the website changes than Google or some other domestic search engine to the sensitive, and the degree of punishment is strict, if the site was often changes, then your website is love Shanghai right down may not be what strange things. So, in order to keep the site is down right or love Shanghai, love Shanghai facing some other penalties, webmaster needlessly best not to change the site keywords, but also not excessive stack site keywords, after all, when webmaster to modify a web site, so the weight is reduced, when you no site until the drop can be reduced, so the webmaster is probably facing finally fall in love with the sea K station, rather than right down the problem, I think no matter what punishment are not the webmaster want

many times love Shanghai website was drop right because the space used by the host site, because the user experience as one of the most important link, if the site use space off the poor quality of the host will certainly affect the user experience, and experience is not a good site for a user, will naturally make love Shanghai right down on the website of the punishment. Therefore, if the owners do not want to be loved Shanghai website right down, so when buying virtual host space is not the best cheap, specifically to buy cheap virtual space to host, and the website in the normal course of business, if found the host site space often appear not open, or visit speed is very slow, the webmaster.


2) website may have been frequent changes to


1) the quality of website content is too low, too repetitive

3) space host sites using low quality


to Shanghai in a search for love in the ranking website, website weight is always the basis of keywords ranking, but a website weight search engine drop right, your keywords in the search engine rankings will love Shanghai plummeted, originally by key words before also with the web site was down right on after, if the site weight was not very high, and may even lead to site or K is pulled into the sandbox, in order to avoid the site was down right so I love Shanghai, according to their own by some do stand experience summed up the following several factors easily lead to site is down right love Shanghai the.

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