Select the personal summary of long tail keywords and target keywords


1, first put the word out, no matter what kind of words, first dug, and then carefully analyzed. How to dig


can use the tool of inquiry, like flying, Jinhua Ruda have dug the function of the word, you enter a keyword, it will take all the relevant words out, these words show love Shanghai index, love Shanghai index recently rising or falling trend.

analysis of the competition site, to determine the key words.

to see the love Shanghai know, soso quiz interactive quiz platform of information, you can see the needs of users and search method.

choose website development direction, and how to choose keywords is a mental activity, it is psychological warfare, you need to consider what kind of keywords can bring traffic to the site, what kind of words can bring to a website conversion rate, to consider whether the word can do it, how long can go. Rank with other benefits, how much traffic, and is worthwhile, but also the psychological analysis of users, analysis they want to buy the product will enter what keywords a series of problems, these problems will bring a series of concerns, so the selection of keywords is consumption of brain time-consuming things. Not easy to choose. If hastily chosen, basically, you will have a long time doing in vain. So how to select keywords

is now more and more people use search engines to search, usually input one or more keywords to find your information, and we have to do is to let Shanghai Longfeng users can see our web site in the search of the keywords, we can in the website to buy related products, so the choice of keywords it is important to. I am here to say the words include target keywords and long tail keywords, because now the search engines use more and more frequent, people search information usually input several words, so there are many sites of the long tail keywords directly with the target keywords website, so I think I can say it together.

can search love Shanghai drop-down box and the bottom of the mining keywords, this method is commonly used, but more trouble, need a layer to a point down, down, of course, only 2,3 is enough to dig. With its product as the research object, carries on the development, mainly regional expansion method, development method, development method, seasonal enterprises expand method, user habits of thinking method, keyword comparison method.


2, you must have a clear understanding of their own or on the strength of the team, you can do what type of words, a high degree of competition, competition in general or more popular keywords, these must be clear. But now generally choose more popular or keywords competition degree general operation, high degree of competition basically is not considered, these words are basically some of the old station to stand firm, not what the change in rank, this kind of words on the page are difficult and costly, the operation is needed a long time.

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