Shanghai dragon ER need a correct understanding of love Shanghai search engine

from XIAO and years of search engines and contact experience, love Shanghai is the most reasonable synthesis algorithm of search engine, it is from the perspective of the user experience, combine content + the chain, and the website of their own conditions and network support and so on many factors of the algorithm. Think of a web site often isn’t open, has been attacked or paralyzed; Web application is simple, open very slowly, such a high ranking website is not reasonable?

first ranking human

ranked reasonable


from the current point of view, love Shanghai search engine can be said to be the most consistent with people’s search habits, because all the Shanghai dragon ER all know that Shanghai is one of the core algorithms of love "content", this is truly from the perspective of the user experience, who is not willing to see a website without value only on the chain website ranked first.

mentioned that democracy is built on the basis of the above system perfect, system of each country has defects, can not be perfect, need to gradually improve and standardize. The Shanghai dragon through the search engine vulnerability webmaster, just as in group to help love Shanghai search engine algorithm constantly improve, this is the reason why love Shanghai algorithm is changing, as the Shanghai dragon ER not to adapt to our search engine, but we need to keep learning, to gradually adapt to the search engine algorithm.


this point here only a brief introduction, love Shanghai has a number of international patents, pioneered the use of search engine bidding, and the comparison of the characteristics of the encyclopedia, library, know, Qiyi, dictionary and so on, these products can be said to be very practical, very good user experience, for me.

This paper begins with As the domestic

third, standard

network coverage top search engine – love Shanghai (Baidu), the most widely in Shanghai dragon ER contact at the same time, it also brings more complaints. We often hear a lot of Shanghai dragon ER complain love Shanghai is too strict, artificial intervention, Shanghai dragon challenge the bottom line of the industry and so on, actually love Shanghai as a domestic search engine leader, its advantage is obvious; because of the importance of love Shanghai’s status, but also to make it to become a target for all, but democracy is based on the system on the basis of perfect, which is why love Shanghai search engine algorithm is more and more strict, but there are more and more people love the cause of it.


from a personal point of view, we love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER using search engines to make money at the same time, more should recognize and understand it, in fact the real enemy of our Shanghai dragon industry has two: 1. those who thought the use of search engine vulnerability (black hat technique) to do the optimization; not normative 2. Shanghai dragon industry. Today news network XIAO and combined with the understanding and love of Shanghai for contact search engine, absolute advantage from five aspects to explain the love in Shanghai:

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